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FCLPs Jets - August 13-19 2017

OLF and Ault Field Growler Flight Schedule August 13-19 2017

Can’t wait for some really late, sleepless nights on Whidbey Island? Great! You’re in luck.

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Final Reminder: August 8 2017 - Comments to Department of ecology

FINAL REMINDER: Comments are due to the Department of Ecology by August 8th. Email them to: ecyrefedpermits@ecy.wa.gov.

Public comments are most useful if they address issues of air quality, water quality and integrity of the coast/shoreline (this includes wildlife and recreation).

The Washington State Department of Ecology (DOE) is conducing a federal permit consistency review on the Navy’s proposal to expand E/A-18G Growler operations at the NAS Whidbey Island (NASWI) Complex, which as you know, involves a 6-fold increase in operations at Outlying Field (OLF) Coupeville. (continue reading…)

Rep. Daniel Kildee(D), one of the leaders of the bipartisan group to stop military water contamination

The Michigan News reports that Representatives from both sides of the aisle signed a letter to the White House on August 1, demanding a faster resolution to the issue of military bases contaminating local water supplies. The letter stated that the Defense Department has been “slow to provide safe drinking water to those areas with contaminated water”.

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Send your comments on the proposed Navy plan to bring more jets to Whidbey Island BY AUGUST 8.

Below is an article from the Skagit Valley Herald that has more details.


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FCLPs Jets - July 24-30 2017

FCLP Schedule of Growler Jet Flights for the upcoming week of July 24-30 2017.

Coupeville carrier operations

Wednesday, July 26: Late Night
Friday, July 18: Late Morning

Ault Field carrier operations

Monday, July 24: Early Afternoon, then Evening to Late Night
Tuesday, July 25: Late Afternoon to Late Night
Wednesday, July 26: Afternoon
Thursday, July 27: Evening to Late Night

Truthout has done an outstanding job of reporting the military expansion taking place in the Northwest, largely through the efforts of staff reporter, Dahr Jamail. The most recent article is posted below, though you can see the original at the Truthout website.

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FCLPs Jets - August 13-19 2017

FCLPs Jets - July 16-22 2017

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Patty Murray - Mattis - Water Contamination

Last week, Senator Patty Murray brought up groundwater contamination in WA to United States Secretary of Defense Mattis during a Senate hearing:

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Navy Foam - PFOA -PFOS - Water Contamination

Navy Foam - PFOA -PFOS - Water Contamination

Navy personnel load containers of firefighting foam on containers labeled National Foam onto the USS Monterey. -photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Billy Ho


The PFOS/PFOA water contamination, largely by the US military, is widespread. The more information that comes out, the more we find that this was preventable, and it is nearly everywhere.

The Bucks County Courier Times in Pennsylvania has been keeping up on this issue with sophisticated and detailed reporting, largely due to the skilled efforts of reporter Kyle Bagenstose. You can read all their articles on the subject HERE under the series title “Unwell Water”, and they are only just getting started.

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Navy Reports: Pilot Deaths Due to Oxygen Failure in Jets

Navy Reports: Pilot Deaths Due to Oxygen Failure in Jets

This is an issue that should concern everyone, regardless of the political view they have of Navy jet flights. We don’t want pilots to die, and we don’t want pilots to fuzz out or black out while flying over residential areas.

The article was written by CNN and the entire thing can be read there. Here is an excerpt:

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