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We are a group of citizens located in the heart of the Ebey’s Reserve in Coupeville WA. When The Navy switched to the much louder EA18G from the EA6B, our peaceful, quiet, reserve was shattered by noise that we decided was more than a citizen should have to put up with. We are pro-Navy, but against them using the OLF at Coupeville to practice their touch and go flights. These jets are much louder and noisier than previous aircraft and more damaging to the health and welfare of residents, tourists, farm animals and wildlife of Central Whidbey. The noise that these jets create exceeds safe and healthful limits as established by the EPA, NIOSH, and WHO. The low-level flights directly over our fields, farms, homes, schools and businesses are making our lives intolerable and sleep impossible. Now the Navy wants to relocate even more squadrons of these jets to Whidbey Island from other communities around the country because of noise complaints elsewhere. Enough is enough!

Our email is: CitizensOfTheEbeysReserve2@gmail.com

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By Sharon Reilly Thu Jan 8th 2015 at 7:29 am  

Please notify me of new posts. Thanks so much.

I live in Beaufort, SC. Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Beaufort is getting 3 operational and 2 training squadrons of the F-35B over the next few years. The EIS was a sham. The AICUZ maps are inaccurate. The Joint Land Use Study is a waste of money because it is based on the inaccuracies of the EIS. Best for Beaufort has been trying to get the military and elected officials to work with the community for mitigating the noise and safety impact. Get stonewalled on every effort. The flight operations will increase from 22,600 in 2013 to over 106,000 by 2023. I am so frustrated and disappointed that the Navy can wreak such destruction on the quality of life of this beautiful coastal town. It’s a damn shame what the military is doing to us.

By citizensofthereserve Thu Jan 8th 2015 at 8:02 am  

I think if you like and follow the page, you should be fine. Put us on your favorites.
That’s terrible, what you are subjected to! Is there an organization to fight the noise?

By citizensofthereserve Tue Jan 20th 2015 at 7:48 pm  

Is there a group you can join and work with? There are groups all over the country.

By GoJets Thu Jun 9th 2016 at 12:34 am  

Unless you resided there since before the airfield was built in 1941 you have NO right to complain. Go ahead, shut the base down. How are you going to revover from a loss of 88% of all economic activity that base provides to Island County? How about the $600 million in direct econmoic impact to Whidbey and the 68% of all jobs attributed to the base for the whole island??? Don’t care? You will when your Island suffers from a severe depression. after the loss.

I lived near there, have friend there, and whidbey was my stomping grounds when I grew up and I LOVED THE JETS and I still do. Bring them on!

Don’t like it… Simple solution… MOVE AWAY!

By Chuck Thu Jul 28th 2016 at 1:06 pm  

I dont live there but why dont they go use the Moses Lake airfield?

By F Tue Nov 15th 2016 at 10:54 pm  

The navy has owned that runway sense 1938. Unless you have been there since 1938 you knew you were moving next to a Runway and you have no room to talk. If you don’t like the noise you can move.

By Patrick Amo Mon Nov 21st 2016 at 6:46 pm  

That noise isn’t a side effect. It is a weapon itself.

By Sue Hamilton Fri Nov 25th 2016 at 2:14 pm  

In response to “if you don’t like the noise move”. I don’t mind the current noise levels at OLF, but to increase the frequency, expand the flight pattern and noise is more than expected when I purchased my house.

By Mark Twain Stevenson Sun Dec 4th 2016 at 9:39 pm  

I hope your figures on growler fuel use, cost, etc. are accurate. I’ll print them out to hand out at the Dec. 5 hearing in PT. Should we take up a collection for hearing protectors for you folks on Whidbey? Why aren’t these landing and take off trainings, if really separate from the electronic warfare games, being done in Idaho?–Mark Stevenson