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We will take the Navy to Federal Court.


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The Lawsuit

COER anticipates moving forward on a NEPA challenge to the Navy’s final EIS. Since the Navy is a federal entity – we must challenge them in Federal Court, in Seattle.

We will not know on which specific grounds we will sue until the final EIS is published in the fall of 2017, but COER and our attorney are trying to anticipate what those challenges may be and are preparing for them now. There are thirteen different legal paths that we are considering.

COER may file more than one lawsuit, depending upon the completeness of the Navy’s final EIS.

The more success we have – the more costly it will be. So we must raise funds for success. Appeals are heard in the 9th Circuit Court in California by three judges and this will add about $100,000 to our costs. Many groups don’t appeal, because it is expensive. We hope to be able to have a designated  ‘Appeal fund’ that will make it possible for COER to take our complaint out of Washington and down to California with 3 Federal judges if necessary.

COER has retained one of Washington State’s best environmental Attorneys, David Bricklin, who assisted in presenting COER’s comments and expert’s testimony during the DEIS comments period; we hope to have one of the Bricklin attorneys devoted half time to our legal efforts.

What we are doing

  • Retained David Bricklin
  • Preparing for likely EIS challenges
  • Building an Appeals Fund

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We welcome anyone, regardless of race, creed, or country of origin, to join our efforts in support of our mission. Those who make a donation and/or volunteer to assist COER on any of our important tasks or actions are members and will, by providing your email, address be included on our member notices roster.