Our Response to the Ongoing Dialogue Article in the Whidbey News Times from May 2, 2013

This article sums up the great misunderstanding that the Navy and locally elected officials have concerning what the residents around the Coupeville OLF want. Better communications are fine, but they will never solve the problem and will only delay the day of reckoning. What we, the residents around the OLF, want is for the OLF to be relocated to where our Naval aviators can be properly trained while allowing us to live peaceful, healthy and productive lives like all other US citizens. There is no confusion. Touch and go training with the latest generation of aircraft at the Coupeville OLF is not compatible with the residences and businesses in the area. If you do not live under the flight path at the OLF, then you have no idea what is happening here. Our elected officials are aware but prefer to ignore the problem. The Navy is aware of the problem, that’s why they are doing everything they can to tap dance around the real issue. This problem is not going to go away by releasing schedules or trying to schedule flights around certain Navy favored special events. There are only two possible solutions: either relocate the OLF or buy out all of the properties impacted by Navy training.

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