The Sound Of freedom….. but, wait a minute….. Not in my house, selling my Whidbey home?

The sound of reason and logic being coopted

The sound of you fix this, I’ll fix that

The sound of cunning pitting neighbor against neighbor

The sound of being on foot or bike without ear plugs and ear muffs, but the hands help

The sound of “Okay, cover your ears kids, the ball game can wait another half hour”

The sound of “Okay then, forget about waiting, PLAY BALL”

The sound of audio nerves eaten up by duck bites

The sound of concentration distracted from studies and exams

The sound of another D-minus in algebra and in science

The sound of lost business: “You said WHAT? Lemme CALL YOU  later!”

The sound of listing your home, of dropping the price once more

The sound of hope faded away by no takers, of low-ball vultures waiting

The sound of the jet that just ingested a Canada goose approaching homes

The sound of the silence in the cockpit

The sound of sirens and flashing lights emerging from the black cloud and red inferno

The sound of horror, of weeping

The sound of the political face-saving: “For years I’ve said OLF must be moved to a 21st century venue!”

Epilog: Has anyone ever considered that the Navy could easily move the OLF to a 21st century location and that it just might be the best insurance money that NASWI and the County could spend to ensure the base actually stays in OH?

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