Response to a Skagit County resident’s “letter to the editor”- WNT

I’m sure Joe Kunzler (May 15 letter) meant to provide accurate information, even though failing in many areas. First, COR has never indicated any interest in closing NAS Whidbey.

Moving the OLF to a location that removes it from the health and safety risks and the social and economic detriments it has been allowed to drift into is not anti-Navy or anti-pilot-training. Rather, it is pro-community, pro-life, and pro-problem-solving.

Joe mistakenly believes that living in a free country defended by an omnipotent military might, means we should never question its actions, and if we do, we are somehow traitorous or ungrateful Americans. [Sidebar:  But just betcha old Joe would be the first to scream if the Government was to constrain his militia accumulation of guns and ammo needed to defend himself against a government and military threatening his particular manifestation of “freedom.”]

But back to his unchallengeable military that can do no wrong theory. So then, the current rape scandal in the military should simply be tolerated because its victims are just “unpatriotic ingrates” and the military can do no wrong, just like, those who humiliated Guantanamo prisoners, etc., etc.

The OLF debacle does have victims who aren’t ingrates: like the kids whose hearing is being eaten away jet-bite by jet-bite while playing ball at Rhododendron Park, like students trying to study with over 95 decibels pounded into their brains with home windows suffocatingly closed, like your grandmother who suffered a jet-noise-induced heart attack (yes, all of that happens Joe).

Recognizing there will always be ostriches, those who actually can think independently know our country and its government and military is full of all kinds of wrongs and abuses of power that actually do very much damage and need our attention. The OLF is the abuse central Whidbey Island is waking up to as more and more ostriches are pulling their heads out.

You asked, Joe, that those agreeing with your position to “please join the OH Navy League.” So, I will up that and ask those of you disagreeing with Joe to please join that league and be heard.

Time we all understand what’s at stake and that ears wide shut is no longer going to cut it.

Bob W.

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