Our fight is also happening in Tucson……this time, it’s the F35, the loudest, the newest, the biggest, baddest of them all!

This is from a Planning Commission meeting in Tucson attended by several community people who are opposed to the F-35. So much of this is so similar to what is happening here!

We attended the Planning Commission meeting on Plan Tucson last night. There were only 5 people from Midtown Tucson neighborhoods. There were +/- 60 from the business community in support of the F-35 and expansion of DM. They have formed the Southern Arizona Defense Alliance to demonstrate community support for the expansion of D-M and TIA operations. Many of the speakers do not live in the City. One of the commissioners mentioned how great it was to have so many people from the “community”.

There were representatives from the Southern Arizona Leadership Council, the Chamber of Commerce, the Hispanic Chamber, the D-M 50, the TIA Minutemen, the Metropolitan Pima Alliance. Scott Hines from D-M was there. Someone from the San Clemente neighborhood got up and said he loves the sound of freedom. They said that Tucson is a military town and that D-M and TIA bring in billions. It was all about money from people who don’t live in the flight path. They told us that if we didn’t want the F-35 we must be anti-military. The goal is to show community support for whatever the military wants to bring to Tucson. Community support is very important when the Air Force makes basing decisions yet they want us to believe that there is nothing we can do. They want Plan Tucson to give more emphasis to support of present and future military missions. They were given 5 minutes to speak when it had been only 3 minutes allotted at the last meeting. They are very organized.

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