Navy hogwash….

“WHIDBEY ISLAND, Wash. — In an effort to improve service to local communities, and enhance focus on airfield safety, Naval Air Station (NAS) Whidbey Island is establishing a new comment line and email address where community members can express their thoughts, concerns, and issues.” This is an actual statement from the Navy!

Can you believe the Navy expects us to buy this line of HOGWASH????

To tell you the facts, I’m getting a little tired of what the Navy says compared to their actions.
In their 2005 Environmental Assessment, the Navy said that the touch and gos would be less in 2013, ok….. predicted by the Navy for 2013 is 3060 touch & gos, well, last year they did 4834, that’s a 57.974 % increase. At the rate they are going already this year, 2013 will blow 2012 away! Sounds like HOGWASH to me!
So, Navy 0, HOGWASH 1

They said there would be less total noise from the EA18G Growlers because of fewer flights, but as you can see…… 3060 flights to 4834 flights. More HOGWASH

So, Navy 0, HOGWASH 2

Of course, the Navy said that the EA18G was just plain down quieter. Ok, in my back yard, 2.146 miles from the touch part of the OLF, on a calibrated decibel meter, for a EA6B, I get 97 decibels. On an EA18G, I get 117 decibels! OHHHHH even more of that good old HOGWASH!
Now it’s Navy 0, HOGWASH 3

One of the best is the new “line to nowhere“, where if those 12:30 AM overflights make you just a tiny bit peeved, and you want to talk very rationally to another understanding human, you find out that you are talking to a recording, and the Navy said it was to “IMPROVE SERVICE” ! A lot more HOGWASH!
Wow, a rout! Navy 0, HOGWASH 4


I’m going to go out on a limb here, I predict HOGWASH #5 will be a statement from the Navy,  ” IF THE NAVY LOSES THE USE OF THE COUPEVILLE OLF, THE NAVY WILL BE FORCED TO CLOSE NASWI”, an unbelievable amount of HOGWASH! Just you wait…. I bet that statement is coming soon to your local newspaper and at an Oak Harbor Navy League meeting! Makes me shake my head that the Navy thinks we’ll buy this HOGWASH!
Final score Navy 0 – HOGWASH 5 !

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