Important information about tonight’s meeting!

Hello Everyone

Tonight’s the night that Mayor Conard and Commissioner Price Johnson are holding their meeting about the OLF.

We have been informed that Central Whidbey residents will be given priority seating but only until 5:20 PM. After that anyone will be allowed into the Rec Hall. It is crucial that you come early so that Central Whidbey residents, and not outsiders with no stake in this matter, will be the ones heard.

Everyone actually impacted by operations at the OLF needs to be at the REC Hall by 5:10 at the latest. Be there, be heard.

Then make sure you come to the Rally on the 29th, where you will not only hear the actual facts, including the release of a brand new noise study we had commissioned, but where you will also have a chance to be heard–direct and unfiltered.

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