Navy suspends using the OLF for rest of the year!

The navy has announced, that because of the lawsuit, they are suspending use of the OLF for the rest of the year. Our actions have begun to have an affect. Now the long hard work begins. We realize that this is just the beginning of trying to get our peaceful area back from the navy. We now need your help and support more than ever. Please if you can, help financially by contributing to our cause! Send a check to PO Box 202, Coupeville WA, 98239. Or, contact us through our website at: if you would like to have arrangements made for larger contributions. This is an expensive undertaking. we need your support – will you help?
P.O.BOX 202, Coupeville, WA 98239

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  1. Marianne Edain

    I’m very curious to know the details. Would it be possible to post a transcript of the actual announcement of suspension? This action of course raises a whole new set of questions, i.e.: if it has been this easy to suspend operations all along, why now and not sooner? If flight training is as critical as claimed, what will the young pilots do during this suspension? If it turns out not to have been as critical as claimed all these years, it seems the Navy’s case falls rather short. It is a bit concerning to me that if the waving of an officer’s pen can suspend operations, it can presumably just as arbitrarily resume those operations. I can see two reasons for this action: 1. its hard to measure and/or document what is not happening and 2. a (vain) hope that people will forget just how bad it is when its happening, and the pressure for change will dissipate. And lastly, I would like to see a new sign near OLF which says “the REAL sound of freedom.” Indeed, lets all enjoy it as long as it lasts, and work to make it permanent.

    1. admin

      We had to wait a day to have links set up on the Whidbey News-Times online page. The online site is always a day behind. You can find it here:

  2. Forest Shomer

    Maryon, we who would sleep before 1 a.m. in Port Townsend, salute you! How nice and quiet the past few nights. Glad to see Ken Pickard on board–and that the work we did as WISE members (Whidbey Islanders for a Sound Environment) years back, is now successfully carried forward. This time, as you say, momentum must be carried forward, difficult though it may be, until OLF is shut down and restored to native prairie.

  3. Obvious Commentor

    I would like to point out that despite the pending litigation with the US Navy over flight operations at OLF, it was not the suit that brought about a temporary stoppage. As outlined in the proposed budget cutbacks due to the sequester, the Navy is to suspend all off-base flight training to conserve on fuel usage. This was signed into effect well before the lawsuit was filed.

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