Planned protest in Coupeville

Dear Friends, Supporters and Member of the Citizens of the Reserve;

There will be a demonstration by the pro-OLF supporters this Saturday at
11:30 on the bridge over the highway in Coupeville. This will follow a
similar demonstration in Oak Harbor on the same morning. We are advising
people not to counter these demonstrations.

Saturday is the beginning of the Coupeville Arts and Crafts Festival, a
major event for Central Whidbey. We find the timing and location of this
pro-OLF military demonstration in Coupeville inappropriate and unfortunate.
Instead of creating more public division, we encourage you to take a few
moments to call your Island County Commissioner, State Representative and/or
your Congressional Representative to request the Navy complete an
Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on the Outlying Field in Coupeville

To date, the U.S. Navy has not responded to the law suit requesting an
Environmental Impact Statement be completed on aircraft transitions at the
OLF in Coupeville and we encourage you to ask your political leaders to
support and EIS for OLF.

An Environmental Impact Statement is warranted and this study will provide
data about the impact of these jets on the environment, on health, on safety
and on the EA-18 Growler jets impact on the local economy. This seems like
a good place to start and national environmental policies (NEPA) support
this process.

Make your call today! We thank you being pro-active about a field too small
and too old to be safe for the young men and women assigned to today¹s Naval
flight operations. We are counting on you!

Kelly Emerson District number three 360-544-2958
Jill Johnson District number two 360-544-2961
Helen Price Johnson District number one 360-632-1168

Congressperson Rick Larsen 1-800-562-1385
Senator Maria Cantwell 202-224-3441
Senator Patty Murray 202-224-2621

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