EA18G noise harmful over house and home here on Whidbey Island

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | New Navy jets are harmful to our ears

posted Aug 9, 2013 at 4:08 PM

To those who feel we Coupeville “whiners” have nothing to complain about concerning OLF Field.

The noise level in the past was irritating, but tolerable. Now with the introduction of the new growlers, the noise level over our homes has gone over the top.

We live near the top of Pennington Loop, not even right below the flight path, and recently I was working in my garage with the door open and as a growler flew near-by it actually physically hurt my ears.

I don’t feel I should have to wear ear protection in my own home. That’s why I signed on the petition.



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  1. Pat Smith

    People at the top of the hill in Admiral’s Cove may as well live on the deck of an aircraft carrier, with exposure to a 134 dBA sound level. The level was professionally measured by a sound technician recently, but apparently never measured by the Navy. Their “measurement” was to simply declare that the Growlers would be quieter than the Prowlers.

    Defense personnel are well protected by the Military. The Department of Defense issued standards for their own personnel. The report is at On page 66, it forbids personnel from being exposed to 115dBA without protection at any time, and provides them with excellent gear. They cannot be exposed to 145 dB at all, regardless of protection. Think of kids walking in the neighborhood, people riding bikes, babies napping, people unable to take cover On a carrier, there are work shifts and rotation of duties. They are probably not “on deck” as much as we are. Our lives are long. Their careers have limited duration.

    People say that people who bought homes in the zone only have themselves to blame, although many were not warned at all. But who would have ever expected our military to expose us to real danger and misery this extreme? Buy a 115 dB air horn (the loudest on the market, requiring permission to purchase it) and see how often you want to turn it on.

    The Growlers have now all been moved here, and they want to bring 135 more. How loud will the NEXT generation of Navy Jets be? They keep getting louder, and they already do physical damage. Who is going to draw the line? Many with financial incentives mask themselves with patriotism and harass those why want to try.

    Lets get an accurate measure of the impact of these planes and take appropriate measures to ensure that pilots get safely trained and that citizens are protected.

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