Comment from an active navy person serving on a carrier after watching one of our You Tube videos of jets over Rhododendron Park

XXXX has made a comment on Navy EA18G Growlers over Patmore ballpark, Coupeville WA, harming children’s hearing, A VIDEO ON OUR YOU TUBE SECTION

I wish the Decibel level was only 110 at my home where it was professionally measured at 134. This guy is not even cringing, with his hand over his ears. His eyes are not watering, and I can make out what he is saying. We could deal with the noise until the Growlers. I live on an aircraft carrier without protection provided on a carrier, with no quieter home to go to when not on duty, and I’m stuck here for retirement. These jets have always gotten louder and louder. When’s enough enough?

I’m sorry XXXX that the navy is treating our sailors serving on our carriers as collateral damage. This is NOT RIGHT !! Please everyone…. Contact your congress people about this torture of our own!!

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