The navy spreads noise pollution to Guam, where will this Real Estate grab end?

Guam military build-up opponents say expansion will increase noise pollution
Posted at 02:08 on 21 October, 2013 UTC
A group in Guam is opposed to the United States military’s plans to double the size of the area it uses for training and weapons testing.
A spokesperson for We Are Guahan says in the environmental impact study out for public consultation the ocean area to be used is extended from Guam and the Northern Marianas as far as Palau.
Leevin Camacho says bombers are already flying regularly over Guam, which is not something that was common three years ago.
“During one of these holiday weekends we were out and we have fighter jets flying over our tourist area. It’s just not something that’s really compatible – or – it’s kind of jarring to be at the beach and to see a bomber and fighter jets flying while you’re out trying to enjoy time with your family.”
Leevin Camacho says his group is putting together a fact sheet on the environmental impact study to help people understand the full consequences of what is proposed.
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