Another citizen speaks to the navy EIS comments….. Have you?

I am a former 20-year citizen of Coupeville. I felt I could no longer live there because of the extreme loudness of the EA18G planes and the Navy’s disregard for the people and animals living under those intolerable noise levels. I moved over 20 miles south on Whidbey Island but still hear the roar of those planes as they use the OLF and surrounding area.

The Scope of the EIS needs to be expanded to include all EA18AG and EA6B operations at NASWI and encompass a larger area of Whidbey Island, both north and south, and also other islands, especially Fidalgo and Lopez Islands.

Noise testing needs to be consistently used, measuring at ground level at each high level noise event/situation (how about every flight?) and also in places where multiple planes are flying over at the same time. Many times these jets fly over Coupeville in groups of two and three and the noise and shaking is very loud.

All health effects on adults, children, and animals must be included in this EIS from all available studies/resources worldwide on aircraft noise and jet aircraft pollution.

All effects of the jets and their noise and pollution on the environment need to be addressed. This beautiful land is a valuable agricultural and outdoor tourist and recreation area, as well as a significant National Historic Reserve.

Safety issues of the Coupeville OLF must be addressed in this EIS and alternatives to the OLF need to be either found or developed and built so that this current outdated facility in a now highly populated area can be closed.

Hope you are as committed as you say you are to hearing from and addressing the concerns of all citizens, and that each one of the above will be taken into consideration in the upcoming EIS.

Margaret Storer

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