With friends like the Navy, who needs enemies? Please go away.

I live on the Teronda Beach high bluff where the jets frequently skim the treetops. Occasionally they fly upside down in Top Gun hotdog fashion. Is that really necessary for their training?
In the last three years I have made 3 calls to the “officer of the day” as it was 1130 pm and the jets were flying. The officer of the day assured me that if I left a voice mail with the public affairs officer, that person would call me back. I never heard from everyone. I find the officers of the day to be unhelpful as they don’t even know the scheduled time of the flight training. On my last call, he arrogantly proclaimed, “there is a pilot out there having a problem and we are going to fly as long as we need to.” This is information that is inappropriate to share.
The Growler noise is harmful to my health. I live in a historical pioneer cabin that has no insulation. The roar of the engines is so loud that my two children and I are not able to sleep until the Growler training is done. Combined with the fact that my daughter has to get up at 530 to go to high school, this causes her massive sleep deprivation and is affecting her studies. I cannot go to sleep until the training is complete and so on training evenings, I never get enough sleep. It leaves us irritated, unable to focus, mentally and emotionally drained, and trapped in a war zone in our own home. We have PTSD from growler noise.
I find it ludicruous that the Navy believes that practicing until midnight doesn’t affect people’s health and lifestyle. The Navy and it’s people are terrible neighbors. This is a peaceful place, a nature reserve, and the OLF’s presence is not a good fit. The OLF needs to be relocated to an uninhabited area. Perhaps you can evaluate your need for this extra training base. from a financial point of view.
I refuse to drive to Coupeville during training runs as you never know when an accident may happen with one of your hot dog pilots. Such a crash would be 100 %unsurvivable for those on the ground. The pilot could eject , of course, and save his own skin.
I have seen from the Navy’s dealing with the plaintiffs concerns, that the Navy really doesn’t care what kind of neighbors they are. Forcing their agenda is all that the Navy is interested in. The Navy is the bully in my own backyard. With friends like the Navy, who needs enemies? Please go away.

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