I have lost my respect for the Navy and my elected officials…

Let us all blame the victims

Itʼs time for me to make the conversation and frequent yelling about the Navy jet noise at OLF Coupeville personal.

My wife and I built our home in 94 in Crockett Lake Estates on family property we owned and occupied since 87. Yes, the jets were here then and we accepted their occasional presence. The Grand kids nick named me Grandpa Airplane. In the year 2000 I became seriously ill with Crohnʼs disease and nearly died twice. Crohnʼs is a non curable autoimmune disease that not only changed my bathroom habits forever but also attacked my joints and nervous system. I have been able to maintain moderately fair health and be somewhat productive until…

….the GROWLERS arrived. Not being able to converse or hear the phone and TV became intolerable, then came the agonizing return of my Crohnʼs disease along with crippling arthritis symptoms. I agonize just thinking about the noise and disruption the Growlers have brought to our lives and my health. Anticipating the GROWLER”S return after a six months of silence has my symptoms flaring again. To me, itʼs been like being convicted of a crime I didnʼt commit. Then being placed on death row with an execution date of January 6th 2014. To say that I am a bit anxious is a gross understatement.

Yes, I knew the jets were here when we built; but, we like many of are neighbors had no idea of what was coming (the GROWLERS) and the changes they would bring to our lives. I have lost my respect for the Navy and my elected officials due to their obvious disregard for my plight as well as my neighbors. What did we do to deserve this? It seems to me that many government institutions like the Dept. of Defense, the NSA, the Supreme Court and others have lost sight of Constitutional Rights.

The solution to the OLF issue is not a popularity contest …Why so many Navy supporters have shown an utter disregard for fellow citizens by cheering on the Navy as if we were the enemy is beyond my understanding. Have we as a society finally turned into a vindictive nation bent on hurting anyone and everyone with whom we disagree? Blaming the victim is one certain path to the bottom.

Gerald Roberts

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