Pro OLF forces on COER Facebook page gutter talk. This is what we have to deal with all the time….

Here is the COER Facebook page
Generally, COER quickly removes bad comments from our Facebook page. For once, take a look at the comments that are posted there. Are these any of your comments? Are you proud of them? If these commenters are adults, the pro OLF side is showing their maturity. We get this all the time, but refuse to slip into the gutter like the pro OLF side so often does.
Way to go, pro OLF people, prove our point, thank you!
This is what we have to deal with………


Enough time has passed in allowing the presence of those posts for educational purposes. We have returned to our usual monitoring now, which does not allow for harassing, vulgar, explicit, hateful, or otherwise highly unproductive comments of this sort. Disagreements can be posted, as always, so long as they remain reasonably respectful of everyone involved.

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