EA18G Growler CO2 emissions…. Disgusting!

The fuel consumption rate of the EA-18G Growler is 1,304 gallons per hour (source: Department of Defense: Selective Acquisition Report). This appears to be an average fuel consumption rate based on typical operations patterns. Jet fuel produces 9.57 kg CO2 per gallon.

The CO2 produced is thus 9.57 kg * 1304 gal/hour = 12479 kg/hour or about 12.5 metric tonnes of CO2 per hour.

The per capita emissions in Washington state is 10.38 metric tonnes per year , so one hour of flight is about 20% more than the annual CO2 emmisions of a typical Washington state citizen.

Another way of looking at it is to compare to CO2 emissions from a car. A Toyota Prius (1.5 VVTi LE) emits 104 g/km. Thus, one hour of a single EA-18G Growler flight is equivalent to driving 12479kg/(0.104kg/km) = 120,000 km. This is equivalent to driving round trip from Anacortes to New York City 12.7 times.


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  1. M. D. Anderson has stated for years NASWI burns 24 million gallons of fuel every year. Why hasn’t the amount of fuel gone up now that there are more planes? Is this just another lie?

    1. citizensofthereserve

      We don’t know the total fuel consumption, it’s incredible, for sure. This was for one plane for one hour. You could do the math to find out the total amount of CO2 produced in a year…… But, it probably is too depressing.

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