EA18G Growlers low frequency emissions, Sonar, underwater explosions, all harming us! Get the Growlers out of here!!


When giant squid were found dead off Spain about a decade ago, scientists suspected that powerful sound pulses ( sonar) from ships had harmed the animals. Now the evidence may be in. A new study says low-frequency sounds from human activities can affect squid and other cephalopods, not just whales and other marine mammals, which have long been thought to be vulnerable to such pulses.
Thanks to: Seattle PI

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  1. Steven Davis

    I am very curious to understand how Growler sonar is affecting the environment.

    1. citizensofthereserve

      Mr. Davis,
      As far as I’m aware, the Growler doesn’t have sonar. The point of the article is yet another discovery of the harm caused by things we weren’t aware of just a couple of years ago. The killing of these harmless animals took place 10 years ago. The use of underwater explosions, the use of 235 decibel sonar, low frequency jet noise. these all are harming living things. That has been proven. We still use underwater sonar, harming animals. Did you know that the NorthWest Training Range Complex is proposing a “taking” of 650,000 animals over the next 10 years here in our home area? This is in the current EIS Draft Statement from the Navy. “taking” does NOT mean killing, killing is part of taking, as is moving, harming, injuring. This 650,000 figure includes 70 Orcas. Is that what should happen? A difficult question. The Growler is part of the overall problem. That is why we are going to get rid of them. We can’t get rid of the NWTRC, but, we can get rid of the Growler.

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