Wondering where the Growlers have been hiding? In the middle of the dessert, where they belong.

So, click here, guess where the Growlers are flying?

Don’t know why the navy thinks this open information needs to be kept to themselves?
The navy just plain down doesn’t need the Coupeville OLF!
Admit it!
Almost a year now since they have used the OLF.
Why keep up the pretense?
We all know the Coupeville OLF can be closed!
Why can’t the navy admit that?
Get rid of those ugly blocks
Tear up the runway
Plant flowers

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  1. Marianne Edain

    OLF Coupeville happens to sit on native prairie soil. Check out the spectacular displays of blue camas, yellow buttercup and spring gold, white chickweed, among others, at Pacific Rim Institute right across the highway, starting about a month from now. Imagine coming around that curve and seeing the native prairie in its native glory. Sure beats thistles and jets.

    As for those ugly blocks, I think they are just begging for some public art. Think of the burma-shave type messages which one might inscribe on those blocks. If you don’t want to “deface” their ugliness, think about the stiff tarps used by long-haul truckers. Wouldn’t it be nice to make artistic covers for those blocks out of such material? Coupeville has its plywood figures around halloween and christmas. The artistic possibilities for dressing up those blocks are limited only by peoples’ imaginations (and budgets, of course).

    Remember that ridicule can be a more powerful weapon than outrage. Lets find ways to laugh at the Navy and its damaging foolishness.

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