Get the Growlers out of here before they are replaced by this monster! A warning from someone who knows!!

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RobertandKyla Botts
My name is Kyla and I was born and raised in Oak Harbor. My husband was in the navy for 5 years, worked for URS/L3, and is now a level 3 engineer for Lockheed Martin working on the F35 jet. This jet is amazing and as it passes it’s inspections and clearence and is bought by out military it’s only a matter of time before it makes it way to Whidbey Island. However, this jet can really rumble. We currently live in Pax River, MD and are right next to the base. So of course we get to hear these jets (and many others) run their tests and get flight hours in. But if you stop to watch it’s absolutely amazing and makes me feel safe knowing what is coming to aid our military and our country. So for those who don’t like the jet nixie now….. You ain’t heard nothing yet! Cause these bad boys are headed your way.

we have been warned! Get the a Growlers out of here before the F35 is here!
Thanks for the warning, we have to work harder!

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  1. M. D. Anderson

    Have had tconcern the Navy would attempt to station the flawed F-35 at NAS Whidbey. NO ONE wants the F-35 there have been lawsuits to keep this aircraft out of communities. The noise of the F-35 is louder than the Growlers. Citizens of Tucson, AZ have requested a fly over for YEARS to demonstrate how disturbing this loud noise would be. The Air Force has evaded this request for a fly over with numerous lame excuses. Visit Tucson Forward for more information. The Internet is full of sites stating valid reasons the F-35 should be scrapped. CON-gress is engaging in Aid to Dependent Corporations squandering our tax dollars.

    Is Robert Botts a double dipper working for Lockheed Martin?

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