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  1. AvgeekJoe from Skagit County

    Joe apologizes – I’m AvgeekJoe on Flickr, hence the handle – caught a grammatical error. So decided to clean up my commentary.

    Thanks for using my photo. I’m blushing…

    Because while you boo, I cheer.

    That’s the UNITED STATES NAVY training to defend our rights. A ballgame can wait until after the OLF’s good work is done on the Navy’s training schedule. Country first and all of that.

    You can say thank you to our Navy anytime now. The Navy didn’t put a neighborhood around their training field – realtors, politicians and blithering idiots (not much difference) did that. The question is what we do now that puts the LEAST burden on the American taxpayer.

    Thank you. Enjoy the Growling.

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