It’s time to say NO! Time for us to be heard! Enough!



Stand With US on May 9th!

We’re organizing a VIGIL at the entrance of OLF Coupeville, Friday, May 9th from 1pm to 3pm

WE WANT YOU! 200 citizens WANTED to defend Whidbey Island and to defend our Island community culture that knows how to care about each other – as has been our way.

Our civilian Island culture is in jeopardy from a growing military bureaucracy that has no restrictions – except the voice of the people. It is time for people to say ENOUGH! The Growlers are a poor fit for Whidbey Island & Puget Sound. The Navy has many alternatives for flight training locations!

STAND WITH US on May 9th! The more people – the more impact!

The harm being done to us from the Growler’s noise
The cardiac, hypertension and post-traumatic stress caused by the Growler’s low-level flight training noise (100+ decibel)
The one-site placement of ALL 117 EA-18G Growlers on Whidbey Island
The concrete barriers blocking the entry to Ebey’s Reserve
The flight carrier training on Whidbey Island impacts 3 counties when for 11 months they used alternatives & have options in remote locations where they don’t have to harm citizens & communities
The Navy’s expansion on Whidbey Island & Puget Sound bringing sonar & live-fire testing that will kill our Orcas and harm 650,000 sea mammals
The destruction of our rural soundscape
The destruction of the 2nd oldest community in Washington
The destruction of diversity in our local businesses while supporting a military economic system that is transient
The destructive impact on historic structures throughout the Reserve
The harm from community strife created by the Navy’s jet noise

We stand in VIGIL to our sadness and anger at the Navy’s refusal and total lack of responsibility to take our civilian concerns seriously or to reconcile the harm being done to our environment, individuals, farms, businesses, schools, and to our communities by their loud & expanded numbers of jets.


PARKING: Arrive at 12:30 to allow time to park and get to the entrance. You may park at Pacific Rim and get a ride to the OLF entrance. Parking also down Welcher Road. No parking is allowed on Route 20, Patmore Road or Keystone Hill Road. Car-pool if you can.

PUBLICITY: We are relying on word-of-mouth to let our friends and supporters know about this action.

PRESS: The press will be informed of this action on the day it occurs.

EAR PROTECTION: The jets will be flying on Friday May 9th and free earplugs will be provided for your protection!

SIGNS: Feel free to make a sign & we will have some available.

DECORUM: This will be a peaceful and respectful gathering. Our VIGIL attendees will not interfere with traffic along Route 20.

AFTER VIGIL: Join us following the VIGIL, we will have a gathering at the Pacific Rim Institute on Parker Road at 3:30/4:00 until 5:00pm. We will be able to share our experiences with each other and disperse in high spirits.

COER’s mission is to close OLF Coupeville and to remove the Navy’s EA-18G Growlers from Puget Sound and the Salish Sea.

RSVP: Maryon, or Cathryn,

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