A resounding success! 150+ attendees at the COER OLF vigil

Sorry, the new more accurate numbers reflect what the Whidbey News Times figured, they are more accurate, as they counted, and are correct!

A big thank you to the 150+ citizens that showed up at the OLF for a vigil against the Growlers! We were pleased and so gratified that a large group from both Port Townsend and Lopez Island joined us – even some from Port Angeles and Seattle. This IS a regional problem! Even the people in cars passing by were supporters, giving us thumbs up, and waving!
COER appreciates everyone who came…… THANK YOU!No Olf - Small

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  1. Ken

    The Navy (NAS Oak Harbor) thinks that it is supporting it’s citizens by the potential danger of low flying aircraft (crash landings) and the damaging and viceral effects of extreemly loud jet noise. Some in neighboring communities such as Oak Harbor believe that they “love jet noise” however, if personally presented with this option they would very soon tire of it’s harmful effects. Essentially the lovers of ‘jet noise’ are enamored by their thinly vieled perception of jet noise which underlies their crass commercial inerest. It is easy to see why they support jet noise which is for their benefit which is in the interest of realtors and some sellers, to gain legitimacy among locals and to serve their pecunary inerests. No one outside of the area is going to by a home based on a realtor loving jet noise or for that matter a local resident.

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