Navy harms and frightens children Wednesday May 7, 2014. This is now their reputation, harming the very citizens they are supposed to be protecting!

The Growlers have returned to the OLF Field in Coupeville after doing their
FCLP’s elsewhere for 11 months. And though the Navy said they would provide
a schedule for the community to plan around – they don’t keep their
schedules. School activities, business dealings, plans for dinner, etc all
become victims of the unbearable noise whenever it happens. Being unprepared
for this level of noise in not only dangerous but emotionally jarring.

This past Wednesday – the Navy flew unscheduled Growler FCLP’s at OLF and as
a consequence flew right over young children playing T-ball at a park
located near OLF. The game was cancelled because the children fell to the
ground holding their ears. The mother of a 5-year old who was there told me
her son held his ears and said – “Mommy, my ears are breaking.”


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