Call Rep Larsen today! Let him know how the Growlers stole your night last night.


Congressman Rick Larsen is up for re-election and having a Kick Off Campaign Event on June 3, 2014 at 5:30 p.m. at The Coupeville Recreation Hall, 901 NW Alexander St. Coupeville, WA. Please plan on being there to see what, if anything, the Congressman is doing to save the citizens from the continued infliction of severe irreparable injury by the U.S. Navy. Has he asked the Navy to look at alternatives to the OLF such as Moses Lake? Has he inquired where they flew their missions for 11 months after COER sued them in Federal Court, evidencing their lack of need for OLF Coupeville? Come and be heard about your concerns of the Growler impacts on your physical and mental health, property values and quality of life.

To prepare Rick for his Coupeville Event, starting tomorrow, Tuesday May 27th, and for every day until the end of this week, phone Congressman Larsen and share your concerns regarding the Growlers. Ask him to close the OLF permanently to military flight training and move the Growlers from Naval Air Station Whidbey Island to a suitable base where they can train over remote uninhabited lands. The Navy has many alternatives to the OLF and NASWI for Growler operations.

CALL Congressman Larsen everyday this week and have your family members, friends and neighbors do the same thing.

D.C. Office 202-225-2605
Everett Office 425-252-3188; toll free 800-562-1385

A veteran with The National Park Service told me that the only people who can tell the Navy what to do are the CITIZENS!!!

Stand up for your rights, be heard. Jam Larsen’s phone lines all week and come see him at the Re-Election Kick Off on June 3rd at the Coupeville Recreation Hall. Still have those protest signs??

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