Another crash, this time, an F-18. Thank goodness the pilot is in stable condition

No Olf - SmallPilot ejects as F/A-18 crashes off California coast
Jun. 5, 2014 – 09:58AM |


An F/A-18E Super Hornet crashed into the sea as it prepared to make a late-night landing on the USS Carl Vinson off the southern California coast about 10 p.m. Wednesday, but the pilot ejected and was listed in stable condition, officials said. (Navy)

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No injuries in Harrier crash in California
SAN DIEGO — A Navy jet crashed into the sea as it prepared to make a late-night landing on an aircraft carrier, but the pilot ejected and was listed in stable condition, officials said.

The F/A-18E Super Hornet was making its approach to the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson off the southern California coast about 10 p.m. Wednesday when it went down, Navy spokeswoman Lt. Reagan B. Lauritzen said.

“The pilot ejected from the aircraft, was recovered safely and is currently aboard Carl Vinson in stable condition,” she said.

Lauritzen said she didn’t have any more information on the pilot’s condition.

Other aircraft from the vessel still in the air were safely diverted to the naval airstrip at the Coronado section of San Diego.

Lauritzen said the cause of the crash will be investigated. The Hornet has not been recovered from the sea.

It was the second military aircraft crash in the California area Wednesday. In the afternoon, a Marine Harrier jet crashed in flames in a residential area of Imperial but no one was hurt. The pilot safely ejected and no one on the ground was injured.

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  1. Barbara Pearson

    The OLF field that you are trying to shutdown is for the purpose of training those same pilots to perform carrier landings both day and night. Perhaps the pilot who crashed was denied the opportunity to acquire necessary training in carrier landings due to the actions of groups like your own. There will be more of these tragedies if you do not desist and allow these pilots to do their much needed training so they may operate in a safe manner. There is nothing worse in this world than a bunch of whining NIMBYs.

    1. citizensofthereserve

      The navy will never let the pilots fly without proper training, please understand that our mission is only to have them train somewhere else, not deny them training. COER values the lives of our people in the military. The military has shown they can train elsewhere as they didn’t use the OLF for 11 months. No pilot is allowed to let their carrier training go that long. They can, and have been training at other places than the Coupeville OLF. They trained at Ault field, El Centro, San Diego, as well as China Lake. So how is it that they weren’t trained? Coupeville is no place for ” student drivers” the desert is.

  2. M. D. Anderson

    All planes should be grounded until the cause of these crashes is determined to protect the ecosystem and citizens from undue harm. Fortunately there was no loss of life. However the ocean will now be contaminated with toxic jet fuel and any other toxins on the plane. Families have lost their homes in devastating fires. Military training should not be conducted in areas where there is a possibility of loss of life and property damage. How is the military the worlds worst polluter using the most fossil fuel going to compensate victims for loss of cherished family mementos, photos, heirlooms … HOW?

  3. m. bailey

    first to call these men and women “kids”is an insult. how would like to be called a kid when you are an adult? they will piece the harrier to find out what happened for that one to crash. for the f-18 at sea, if they can recover it they will and determine what cause that one to crash as well. the harrier was making it’s approach to land, it was not doing active training at the time. to ground the entire air wing is a bit of an over kill. do we ground the entire airline industry when a jet crashes? chances are the pilots was telling the control exactly what happened prior to them ejecting.

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