Mike Lapointe an Independent running against Rick Larsen understands that the Growlers don’t belong here!

Mike Lapointe, I didn’t see a position on the growler jet noise on Whidbey Island. Would you comment on that, please?
Thanks for this question. I actually had to deal with something like this this when I was a teen in Massachusetts. The issue back then was on the noise from national guard jets stationed at Barnes airport, but at times, the jets would also break the sound barrier. It is quite unnerving when you are watching TV and all of a sudden find yourself on the floor thinking a bomb just went off in your front yard. There are still noise issues that people are fighting with that airport, seeking mitigation with payments for added insulation and windows to dampen the noise from the jets. But the comparison stops when considering the noise level and frequency. Barnes decibel level is only 85 decibels at max, so mitigation is effective. Whidbey is 95 to 139 decibels with flights increasing, closer and closer to 10,000 a year. Although I am unclear how many of those are causing high decibel incidents, I see why people are up in arms.
With so many people in the flight path and no plausible chance that mitigation can be effective, I see no reason for these planes to be conducting these types of training procedures at this base. And I am concerned at what appears to be a lack of responsiveness by the Navy. The military is here to protect and serve the people. They must supply and answer the needs, concerns and health issues of the community. I am not sure what disturbs me more, the noise problem or that Americans have to take legal action against the military of their own government to make it accountable. Hopefully next year I will personally be speaking to Navy officials about why they allowed the situation to reach this point. We have pressing economic problems in our country. our focus should be on those important issue. Instead we find ourselves forced to battle our own Navy. Not acceptable.
I hope this answers your question and I look forward to campaigning in your area. It is the intention of our campaign to reach out to all people regardless of party affiliation or lack thereof. I make no secret of my left leaning inclinations on the issues, but in campaigning I have found people have general agreement on many important issues. I am running to make sure what the constituents clearly see has to be done, gets done. It may not be all about politics. It may not be all about profits. But for to long it has not been enough about people. Not anymore.
Please keep in touch, and feel free to ask more questions and encourage others to contact me with their questions. Given time I will respond to all inquiries personally or asked similar question from many people, place a post on my website in response. I will also post this and other questions asked of me online to make sure as many people as possible see my position on the issues. Rest assured I will not publish the names or personal information of anyone who contacts me.
Finally, this is a large District. I need volunteers to help set up community meetings to get me up on my soapbox before the people and spreading our campaign literature out into the community. Like me or not, it is unfair and undemocratic that Rick Larsen has all the corporate money to buy his way into another lackluster term in office. That hurts us all. If you want true representation and would like to hear what I am about, I will make myself available to you, the people. like what I stand for; then spread the word to everyone you know that there is a choice this election that deserves your vote. And if you have the financial means to contribute to the campaign please do. Rest assured it will all go towards getting me in front of another voter and another brochure into the hands of someone concerned with the path our country is going down.
Again, thank You for your question.
Another world is possible.
Mike Lapointe
Independent candidate for Congress
District 2
Washington State
Voicemail: 425-610-9601
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  1. Ann Adams

    Lapointe sounds good. I wonder how he stands on the other issues; for instance, raising the minimum wage, on which Rick is sound.

    The problem with supporting Lapointe now is that unless he has a chance of winning, we could put another Republican in the Congress. That’s always the problem of voting for a third party candidate when the nominee of our party is not acceptable.

  2. billy njilly

    31,000 machinists think rick is a boeing tool.
    and lots of folks think rick is a war criminal, because he knew
    all about the murder, torture, and renditions, due to his position
    on the armed services committee; yes, he knew all about bush and cheney
    and their whole scheme. but he did and said nothing, because his boss Pelosi
    said so; ole nancy is of the same cloth- a complicit war criminal. but rick
    wouldn’t have said anything, because was a bushlicker !
    rick no longer owns a house here in, he rents here and owns a house near
    the stinking cesspool that is our nation’s Capitol which puts him in the right
    place to become a boeing lobbyist. and, i’ll bet that dweeb already puts a lot of boeing bucks
    in his wallet on a regular basis. Yep, ANYTHING, ANYONE… is better than rick !

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