• MONDAY,  AUGUST 18, FCLP training at OLF Coupeville is scheduled from EARLY IN THE MORNING UNTIL LATE AT NIGHT!

  • TUESDAY, August 19, FCLP training at OLF Coupeville is scheduled from EARLY IN THE MORNING UNTIL LATE AT NIGHT!

  • THURSDAY, August 21, FCLP training is scheduled to begin at OLF Coupeville in the evening UNTIL LATE IN THE NIGHT!


  • FRIDAY, August 22, FCLP training at OLF Coupeville is also scheduled to begin LATE IN THE MORNING, , and conclude early that THAT AFTERNOON!


Why the Navy Wants More Growlers

Why The Navy Really Wants 22 More Growlers



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  1. Debra Moore

    Seems that there may be very good reasons for ‘ramping up’ the ‘assault’ on Whidbey. Look around: the political arena is full of threats right now. Unrest and very bad relations with Russia all compounded to produce a very good reason for our military to stay focused and WELL TRAINED. Sorry, I have read your data and blogs. I have paid attention and tried to be understanding of your concerns. But the facts remain: you seem to be in the minority side on an issue that impacts the economic health of our lives. We want the military presence to STAY HERE. Period.

    1. citizensofthereserve

      When economics takes precedence over the physical and mental health of the residents of central Whidbey will be sad times. If you tell us that a job is more important than the health of citizens, I fear for our country. Many of us are tired of being collateral damage. Is the job of one person more important than the very health and well being of another? We do NOT dispute the fact of the necessary training of our crews, just where they train!
      We want the Growlers to move! You would rather we are hurt and maimed? The minority? Is the harming or death of even ONE person not more important than any job?
      You apparently feel it’s OK to hurt people just to protect your job?

  2. Babette Thompson

    Ms. Moore,

    If our quality of life is destroyed, what exactly is our military training to preserve and protect?

  3. Aviation Photographer named Joe

    My quality of life is directly measured by how much Skyraiding and OLFing I get in my life. Also how much motion blur.

    EMINENT DOMAIN COER WHIDBEY NOW! We’ll give you THE OPTION of a new, planned community in South Whidbey with a TISSUE PAPER PLANT for employment purposes.

    Keep flopping like another bunch of millionaires who dribble a basketball or chase a soccer ball and some jealous aviation geek will start a petition for EMINENT DOMAIN COER WHIDBEY!!


    G*d Bless

  4. Janet Reirdon

    At least “Joe” is honest about why he expects people to suffer silently. Add “photo opportunities” to the reasons people want an endless stream of Growlers. He shows a very nasty side because his hobby might be threatened with no feelings for real people living their lives with the Growlers every day. Embarrassing how he threatens to do something to move people out of their homes to get what he wants – a hobby. I’ve never commented like this, but I had to say it.

  5. Aviation Photographer named Joe


    I do not want you to “suffer silently”. I don’t see watching EA-18Gs as something to “suffer” but I am sick and tired of the 1-sided view that quality of life is being harmed by EA-18Gs. Some see bouncing EA-18Gs are joyful.

    Now, I support IF we have provable data you were harmed for you to BE COMPENSATED and have a fair go at leaving. For those who did not get noise disclosures, I am willing to pay higher taxes to get those folks a mulligan. It would take a lot less longer than $3 million, a 2nd 3+ year EIS and litigation from whomever would get a new OLF of untold hundreds of millions in their neighborhood. Plus EMINENT DOMAIN & buy aviation easements most likely of some folks at the new OLF site. See my logic – measure twice, eminent domain or buy easments once and fair go?

    I also wanted to tease some of the whiners I read here. Flop at your own risk…

  6. Mike Wallace

    Have you considered posting the actual scheduled times vice “LATE INTO THE NIGHT!” As Coupeville has to seize operations at midnight, I just figure you might want to be accurate.

    1. citizensofthereserve

      We just pass on the information exactly as we get from the navy from their press release. We wish they were more accurate.
      We do wish the navy would quit at midnight. They don’t take our suggestions when we tell them they are harming us, either!

  7. Mark

    How exactly is your health a concern here? Are Growlers infecting these people with ebola? This website is just rhetoric in a pathetic attempt to get other people emotionally involved in your own problems. Sorry, but your hearing isn’t really at risk, and yeah, it isn’t that much of a concern to me. I also love the link to frightened horses…oh yeah, the Navy is cruel lot, hell-bent on mercilessly scaring horses. In nature, animals are NEVER frightened of anything…nor do they ever adapt to their surroundings and environments. I look forward to your response telling me I know nothing about anything. I heart Jet Noise.

    1. citizensofthereserve

      no response is necessary, your own words speak for themselves.

  8. John

    Mark and Joe,
    Guys, you both need to drink less Kool-Aid. It is altering your judgement and perception of reality.

  9. Aviation Photographer named Joe


    I understand today COER was asked today to decide between uh:

    a) Property values
    b) Health emergency as Someone’s website now bloviates like one of those Tea Party sites

    “Admiral Rich … stated that it would be exceptionally challenging to acquire a new OLF both financially and environmentally additionally; it would take a very long time, likely over 10 years (mid 2020s).”

    So which is it – health emergency requiring evacuation or a nuisance worth waiting “over 10 years”? Because those jets you hate so much are going to have to train while they and you wait for that new OLF… something that is “exceptionally challenging”.

    So COER, as you whine about criticism understand this: You can either fight the system and lose or you can realize this isn’t the neighborhood for you, never will be, never should have been BECAUSE YOU WERE DECEIVED and not told about the OLF nor the aviation easements nor the fragile dependency of the economy on the Naval Air Station. The solution to the deception is NOT spending untold hundreds of millions so your property value can bounce like a Growler.

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