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  1. Carolyn Blossom

    Last week we waited until after the jets were done flying before we took our dogs out for a walk at Rhododendron Park. While we were walking, the jets resumed flying. We were at least 15 minutes away from the car. The sound was deafening as we were right under the jets. While we were walking, an older women came from the opposite direction walking her three dogs. The woman was obviously distressed and disoriented as were her dogs. She stopped us and screamed that she was lost and could not find her car. Each time a jet flew over she would cover her ears and hunker down almost to a fetal positions. We questioned her and figured out where she must have parked and helped her find her car. My husband had to try to keep her older big golden moving as he wanted to crawl under bushes and hide from the noise. I was trying to keep our two dogs calm. And her little dogs were running in circles trying to escape the noise. I do not know what would have happened to her if we had not crossed paths.

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