Dear Whidbey Island Families,

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Dear Whidbey Island Families,
Seldomly do I send info regarding issues which may be controversial but for this I am making an exception.
Please watch the video (especiallly the one of our children at Rhododendron Park) and contact our political representatives.
The Growler is a totally different jet than the EA6’s. The sound is more than we can take. Barley and Briar Rose cower on their beds. Briar actually tries to get under our bed. The kitties race in and hide in their baskets. We close every window and door…can’t talk to each other. Can’t sleep. Can’t practice, watch a movie or listen to music.
It is time for us to be listened to. If I were a tourist coming to the island, I would not stay in a B&B, hike Ebey’s Reserve, dine at a restaurant. ..I would not come back. The other day, jets flew all day and then at night until almost 1 a.m. TOO MUCH.
I am not Un-American. But this is an incredible threat to our health, our life-style, our children, the economy and tourist industry, our property values.
To be honest…I HATE these jets!!!
Please go to the site below. You will be amazed. Join the fight to close the OLF.

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  1. M. D. Anderson

    It is U. S. Navy lack of consideration for the rights of property owners and history of Ebey’s Reserve, Deception Pass Park, Historic Coupeville and other historic areas on Whidbey Island. How stupid of the U. S. Navy to assume Growlers the loudest aircraft ever would be welcome on Whidbey Island. No one anywhere wants to be subjected to constant earsplitting noise at all hours of the day and night. Growler noise is a disruption of our peaceful life the reason most citizens want to live on Whidbey. The U.S. Navy has the nerve to propose stationing even more Growlers at NAS Whidbey. The DOD has many other locations with more space and sparse population. There is no consideration for the safety of Whidbey Island Citizens. It is not safe to have young pilots training in Growlers over our homes, why hasn’t the U.S. Navy taken action to protect citizens? It is only a matter of time before there is a horrendous ‘mishap’. How many people will be killed, how many homes destroyed? Why should communities on Whidbey Island have to live in fear?

  2. John Stevens

    Sorry to inform you, Sir, but I would take a look at your elected representatives, particularly those on the Senate and House Armed Services Committees. They are the ones who approved the jets, the funding lines, and the billions of dollars of support that allows for Growler operations to thrive at NAS Whidbey Island. The Navy has very little to do with it.

    The jets aren’t going to move because it isn’t just the jets. It’s the people, the infrastructure, training, and maintenance facilities worth billions of dollars. It’s much easier to buy out a few civilians than to relocate an entire program (EA-18G). I worked at the Pentagon. I assure you that I have been on the inside of these conversations. It’s an easy decision for lawmakers.

    If the jets leave, NAS Whidbey Island closes because there is no sustainability for a single platform base in today’s fiscal environment. Bases need to be joint and/or multi-platform, which is exactly why the P-8 is coming to Whidbey. So in short, the Growlers and P-8 Poseidons just guaranteed that NAS Whidbey will be around for the next 60 years. The vast majority of Island County benefits from the base. And although the extremely small minority is welcome to complain, no Growler pilot will ever hear your complaints. Voting for different representatives won’t change it either because they all know that closing a military base in your own region is political suicide.
    Mr. Stevens, sorry to use this space, there is something wrong with the “reply” section.
    Dear John Stevens,
    We have stated before, ONE of our goals is to close the OLF, The Growlers did not use the OLF for 11 months last year. They are also limited to 6120 ops a year until the EIS is completed. If the EIS is extended, so will the partial shutdown of the OLF. If the navy can make do with only 6120 ops at the OLF, they can make do with zero as they have before. Perhaps you are a recent transfer. They can, and do quite well without it. We have no intention or desire to close the base. And, as you said, it’s the electeds that make the decisions, not the navy, and of that, we are very glad. That’s why that’s where we are putting our efforts, not on the navy. If you might have noticed, Rick Larsen was NOT endorsed for re election by the Democratic party of San Juan County. They endorsed the Independent, Mike Lapoint! We are starting to be heard. Did you read the letter from Senator John McCain to Ray Mabus? Ray Mabus serves at the pleasure of civilians. The civilians ask the questions, the navy answers. That’s why we ask people to call Senator Murray and Senator Cantwell, NOT Ray Mabus. If the electeds want to Growlers to go, and to keep the Base open, that is what will happen. Just like you said. It’s NOT a navy decision, they have no say. If a Growler pilot never hears our complaints, that’s fine, as they should be listening to the sound of their jet. The pilots should be practicing, not politicking, leave that to the civilians, their bosses.
    The people of central Whidbey, Port Townsend, the San Juan Islands, Camano Island, La Conner, are the ones being harmed physically and economically by the Growlers, these civilians vastly outnumber the residents of north Whidbey Island who are tied to the economic succor of the Growlers. Central Whidbey, South Whidbey, Camano Island, Jefferson County, San Juan County, even Victoria, receive no economic benefit whatsoever from the Growler presence. The only area that wants the Growlers is some of the residents of north Whidbey, and even many of those living there are being harmed and strongly dislike the noise of the Growlers, and would love to see the Growlers go. We hear their complaints, not you. We are, and will be heard in Washington DC. Our country is run by civilians, not the military…..yet.

  3. citizensofthereserve

    The Growler is a great asset to the protection of our people and their equipment. The only problem we have is them based here, and using the OLF. Your other statements stand. I hope Senator McCain votes his conscience, as he is known to do. The Armed Services Committee will decide what they decide. “Everything is as it will be, until it isn’t.” Nothing is set in stone. The civilians who decide these things are a capricious bunch. One part of the navy is building a base, while another part is preparing to demolish it, as you are well aware. It’s a wonder more things don’t end up as screwed up as the “lawn dart” F-35. Or, do they and we just aren’t informed?

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