“a few fish are annoyed by SONAR and jet noise” A FEW FISH ARE ANNOYED??????



“Andrew Imperatore

And as I’ve mentioned, no matter where the jets go, someone will be inconvenienced. The Navy can’t run away every time a few folks are annoyed. The Navy gets protested by activists for operations 100 miles over the ocean because a few fish are annoyed by SONAR and jet noise. It never ends, and there are always complainers. Everyone always claims to support the military, as long as it isn’t in their neighborhood. It’s like adult Chicken Little syndrome. The sky isn’t falling and your health is fine (at least from Growlers). That’s why decision makers aren’t listening. Folks in Whidbey aren’t any more entitled to quiet than anyone else.”image

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  1. steve hunter

    I see Joe is alive a well, good to hear the same old babble from him.

  2. M. D. Anderson

    “The Navy can’t run away every time a few folks are annoyed.”
    “FEW FOLKS” who happen to be taxpayers not dependent on the government for their livelihood engaged in diversified clean industry. Patriotic Americans do have a constitutional right to enjoy property no matter where they live. “FEW FISH”, many endangered other vital to our food supply and health of the ocean. The U. S. Navy has no right to turn our oceans into toxic soup with deadly sonar reflecting poorly on Americans causing global outrage. Why should whales die from 250 decibels of sonar causing their eardrums and hearts to burst? This is cruel and inhumane.

    Whidbey Island in NOT a proper location for loud earsplitting noise from Growlers when there are suitable locations with adequate training space. China Lake has 17.000 square miles of protected air space. U.S. Navy personnel my not find China Lake their ideal place to live but they have made a choice to enlist surrendering their right to where they choose to reside. The U. S. Navy has no right to destroy our desirable area with this menace.

    “DECISION MAKERS” have refused to listen to our complaints since 1991 when NAS Whidbey was on the BRAC list. “DECISION MAKERS” held secret meetings using public funds to promote their agenda to benefit only them. “DECISION MAKERS” employed the same tactic in 2005 when NAS Whidbey was once again on the BRAC list. Thank you for at least admitting there is an ongoing problem with “DECISION MAKERS” refusing to listen.

  3. Liz Gerritsen

    Obviously this man has not read any of the health information on the damage this is doing to our health…who is Chicken Little?

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