OLF EA-18G Flight pattern, notice anything strange…… the published pattern in relation to where the jets REALLY fly?

photoThe published pattern shows NO daytime flying over Admirals Cove! Where do you live?  Please leave a comment as to where the pattern is in relation to where you have experienced the Growlers flying. Greenbank? Freeland? Daytime….they are  never to fly over Coupeville. How many times actually over Coupeville?  We will post your comments in another post, please let us use your name.

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  1. lois barnett

    I live about 4 blocks from Pt Hudson with a view of the water directly towards Whidbey. I live on the 3rd floor where I’ve seen growlers flying so close and so low that I don’t have to look “up” to see them – there they are, right out my window. From my sailing experience in this area, I estimate the jets have flown as close as 2/3’s of the way from Whidbey to Port Townsend, if not closer … definitely beyond the “flight pattern” range. When they fly that close it’s reminds me of the air shows where planes fly as close as they can for “show”. I hope people from all over our region respond to the noise pollution of the growlers with firm and enduring disapproval. As bad as the noise is in PT, I cannot even imagine what it’s like in Coupeville. My heart and fury over this is with you.

  2. citizensofthereserve

    Does that amount of noise generated “make it right?” The problem is the noise and the damage it causes. Seems like you are saying, “it’s professional, orderly…..” We are talking about the harm the noise causes, Not how “orderly” it looks. Your priorities are skewed way out of kilter.

  3. citizensofthereserve

    I removed the comment, I’m sorry, it was not intended that way. While we hope to close the OLF, and have the Growlers moved to a more appropriate place, where there is no harm to the civilians under the flights, there is no desire for the pilots and crews to be placed in harms way. How the navy chooses to fly is, and should be, their decision. Where they fly should be a consideration of the space used, both air and ground. What is the result of the overflights to those on the ground. That is our priority.
    be prepared to fly in combat. That matters more to me and my family than your peace and quiet.” That comment really surprises and disturbs me. Your lack of care or concern for the very people you are supposedly hired to protect! Aren’t you supposedly protecting our peace and quiet? You feel that harming the civilians under your flights is OK. Strange. Very Strange. But, like you said, our priorities are different.

  4. citizensofthereserve

    Well, while you are flying your jet over us, we are denied these simple pleasures:

    And – negotiate on the phone with an important buyer/seller, work through a problem in a relationship, take advantage of a teaching moment or effectively discipline a child, fine tune the wording of an important email or letter, sort through a problem with your computer, enjoy romance, praise a dear friend, cherish a two-day visit from someone you haven’t seen in a long time, deal with news of a critical health problem, deal with the hundredth frustration doing something very difficult that you have to sort out in a timely way, have a meaningful moment of praise or prayer, deal with the moss on your roof or painting that must be completed before it starts raining again, enjoy the last few days of enjoyment a swimming pool, learn the software program you must know before the end of the month, finish an important school assignment, console someone that just learned of a devastating loss, plan your vacation of a life-time, repair the car, hang shutters, trim trees, practice an instrument, get the sleep you need to avoid getting sick, participate in stress reducing activities to be better able to deal with the Growler stress the following week, write a poem…
    Thank you LorettaRaze for those marvelous words.

  5. citizensofthereserve

    I do believe all those people on the USS CARL VINSON Signed up very willingly for the job. None were forced. We are forced to hear the noise from the flights overhead. Please don’t drag out that old chestnut ” you signed the paper” the paper I signed was not approved by the county as the official notice.

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