The navy and their  EA-18G is now trashing Bainbridge!


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Last night, September 18, at approximately 8:15 roaring plane noise and bright lights jolted Bainbridge residents onto their feet. Some ran outside, others attempted to comfort children awakened by the sound, and still others reached for their glass of wine for a refill.

The mystery hit Facebook, with numerous theories bandied about, the most plausible being alien invasion.




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  1. citizensofthereserve

    Sonic boom, I doubt, having heard many of them. The thrust of the article was NOT about wheather or not there was a sonic boom. It was the utter violation of the people’s lives. The lack of regard by the navy. The destruction of our way of life without any regard to the citizens living under them. The fear, the tears of children. The psychological as well as medical damage done by the navy to citizens.

  2. John Stevens

    The jets fly in and out of major airports in major cities all the time. This was simply a case of getting from Point A to Point B. These guys travel for 200 days a year all over the U.S. in a year when they aren’t deployed overseas. They have to land sometime. I’m not sure how there’s any blame for the Navy for a simple transit flight. There’s always a house next to a runway somewhere. And the bigger issue is the credibility of the people who claim things like “sonic booms.” It’s hard to take them seriously. And you know as well as I do that you can’t prove 1 lick of medical damage- the Seattle doctor that gave you the presentation told you that. We have tens of thousands of people who have worked around fighter jets for 30 years who have zero medical problems. Just out of curiosity, where have you heard these sonic booms – certainly not around OLF Coupeville as the jets don’t travel nearly fast enough there.

    1. citizensofthereserve

      Mr Stevens,
      Once more you are missing the point. The point, once again, is the disruption of the quality of life of the people the navy is supposed to protect. if there was a sonic boom, and I have heard many growing up in Minneapolis very close to Wold Chamberlain Field, is beside the point. I have not heard one here. The point is the frightening of citizens of our own country when unnecessary. WE are not your enemy, but the way the navy behaves, we feel they are treating us as such! What ever happened to the navy being “good neighbors”?
      That has gone by the wayside. We now feel citizens are just acceptable collateral damage in your mission of domination and destruction of the way of life in this area.
      You are just using “sonic boom” to take attention away from what happened. A normal tactic when someone is wrong….. Find a straw to cling to. The citizens were afraid for their lives, frightened by navy EA-18G jets. That is the only point.
      The medical damage is a proven fact, read your own Wyle report in your own navy documents. Read how the navy damages their own people that actually filled out a job application to work for the military in the “PA 265 Interem Audit Report” documents where even the navy lists the harm caused. The VA pays over a billion dollars a year in hearing damages. We get 0 compensation. Go on our links and files section and read the reports from the navy on harm caused.

      1. citizensofthereserve

        Being exposed to high levels of airport noise could raise your risk of heart disease, according to two new studies published in the British Medical Journal.
        ( I removed the first study, as it was about Heathrow)
        The second study was based on U.S. data and conducted by researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health and Boston University School of Public Health. The researchers looked at 2009 heart-related hospital admission data from 6 million Medicare recipients who lived near 89 U.S. airports.
        Just like in the first study, researchers found an association between higher levels of noise and increased risk of hospitalization. Specifically, a 10 decibel increase in aircraft noise in a ZIP code was associated with a 3.5 percent increase in the cardiovascular hospitalization rate. And the people living in ZIP codes with the highest airport noise (more than 55 decibels) also had the highest risk of hospitalization. The results held true even after taking into other potential risk factors, such as socioeconomic status, air pollution and proximity to roadways.
        “Our results provide evidence of a statistically significant association between exposure to aircraft noise and cardiovascular health, particularly at higher exposure levels,” the researchers wrote in the study. “Further research should refine these associations and strengthen causal interpretation by investigating modifying factors at the airport or individual level.”
        This isn’t the first time noise has been linked with heart risks. A study presented at the American Thoracic Society meeting earlier this year showed an association between cardiovascular disease risk and exposure to air pollution and noise pollution. And HealthDay reported on a study in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives showing that even everyday noise could cause heart rate to go up and negatively affect heart rate “variability” (the ability of the heart to adapt to environmental influences).

  3. john duke

    I really think that they should tow the real thing(AC Carrier)from Brementon and put it off shore somewhere where it would not impede on ones living standards.
    Also to the North End of Whidbey where planes and jets come in for a landing at the airfield I noticed a smokey(chem trail) plane coming in for a landing.Right underneath there were cows eating Chemicalized exhaust in the grass.I sure as hell hope I am not drinking or eating anything from that farm.I am also going to go to the News Media about the health issues and take some video and put it on you tube and such.John

  4. citizensofthereserve

    Mr Stevens,
    I feel that the practice for the FCLPs should be in as safe a place as possible, not on an AC. Landing on a carrier is the most dangerous feat in all of aviation. But….. this practice should be on an OLF of 35,000 acres such as they wanted on the East coast, not the 667 acres of Coupeville! This lack of buffer zone is what is causing the health damage to the citizens. The navy is harming their own people, but they applied for the job, and are being paid for their injuries. Still please read the second part of this report on the damage to OUR OWN!
    please read this report:

    Your previous comment was not approved as you were name calling.

  5. citizensofthereserve

    USN (& USAF) currently notcompliant with the following standards:

    •DoD Design Criteria Std., MIL-STD-1474D, Noise Limits, page 65, para 4.2.1, Aircraft Noise
    •DoDI 6055.12, Hearing Conservation Program
    •OPNAVINST 5100.23F, Navy Occupational Safety and Health Program Manual
    •NAVMEDCOMINST 6260.5 Occupational Noise Control & Hearing Conservation
    •AFOSH STD 48-19, Hazardous Noise Program
    •AFOSH STD 161-20, Hearing Conservation Program
    •OSHA 29 CFR, Occupational Noise Exposure
    •85 dBA, 8 hrs, 3 dB/doubling exchange rate (USN until recently was under a 4 dB rate)
    USD 5 Aug 01 Memo, Dr. Gansler to ASN & ASAF: “I request you make investing in hearing protection a top(S&T) priority…and a Defense Technology Objective”

  6. citizensofthereserve

    Be careful and safe, good luck. Come back to your family.

  7. John LaMonte

    To all the comments about the noise, the destruction of your way of life, the fear and the tears your children you claim were brought on by the Navy flying to low, You make me ashamed
    you ungrateful fools,
    It is that practice, both day and night that make our Navy the best in the world, you should be honored to hear the roar of the jets overhead, I go out side whenever I hear the sound of one of our Navy jets and I feel proud,
    I live in Saxon come fly over my house.
    John L.

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