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  1. Robin

    That is so sad. Too many hours of this horrible, shreaking, deafening noise. What is wrong with Ault Field that they need to spend almost 8 hours flying in Coupeville?

  2. John

    The flight pattern seems to have changed. The jets used to be close, but they are taking a wider swing now and flying directly over my property. Another example of the Navy doing whatever they please. I guess I am now in a crash zone, oh forgot, there are no crash zones at OLF. Let’s see, are there any houses directly under final approach and departure at Ault Field. No!!! Thanks Navy for your blatant attack on my health and sanity.

  3. liz

    Dear Robin,

    They do it because they can. Somewhere along the way people’s rights were taken away….and they are going to have to fight really hard to get them back. I have left the island because I cannot live under these air raids. I will however, continue to work towards getting this situation remedied and I hope you will too. Write your congressman and senators and if they don’t respond…don’t re-elect them. That is the clearest message that you can send them. There needs to be a LOT more control over the military and how what they do effects the citizenry.

  4. citizensofthereserve

    The difference is that the OLF, the proximity to unprotected humans is so great that the noise from the Growlers is causing deadly harm to living things. At Ault Field, there is a buffer, so the navy is mainly harming their own. Both are dispicable.

  5. citizensofthereserve

    Make sure to come to the noise meeting at the Greenbank Progressive Clubhouse Thursday at 7:00 It’s behind the Greenbank Store at Bakken and Firehouse. You will hear things that curl your hair they are so bad. The navy is harming us more than you realize.

  6. Mari

    Lots of optimism at the Greenbank meeting tonight with so many committed to a goal of a positive solution to the militarization of the Pacific Northwest. The U. S. Navy has terrorized all areas surrounding NAS Whidbey and Coupeville OLF. The noise is incompatible with quality of life.

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