A MAJOR WIN! Navy admits noise problems in Port Townsend and San Juan Islands

harming both friend and foe with 134.2 dBA of toxic noise, the EA18G Growler flies over the Salish Sea

harming both friend and foe with 134.2 dBA of toxic noise, the EA18G Growler flies over the Salish Sea

A MAJOR win has just happened! The BAD NEIGHBOR is backed down! WE CAN WIN!!! 

The navy has finally conceded that the incessant bombardment of Growler noise DOES affect Port Townsend and the San Juan Islands by agreeing to hold scoping meetings in Port Townsend as well as the San Juan Islands for the “new- hold your nose” EIS on the expansion of the Growler force at NASWI! It’s about time! This is after no scoping meetings were scheduled for either location!

I sincerely hope someone informs the CO of NASWI, Mike Nortier, that these areas DO get excessive Growler noise, as in the past, he has said that he was “unaware”  of there being a problem with EA-18G Growler noise in these areas. 

Mike, there is a major EA-18G Growler noise problem in the outlying areas, and the natives ARE UPSET.

REMEMBER, SCOPING MEETINGS IN COUPEVILLE, ( high School) OAK HARBOR,( elks club) ANACORTES ( high school) OCTOBER 28, 29, 30. 4:00-800

please show up to ask for good studies on the known and documented  harm these Growlers cause.

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  1. Dennis Kelley

    Enough arrogance – think about the people who live here….

    1. citizensofthereserve

      We are just rejoicing for the folks living off island. They finally get a chance to partake in the scoping process. The last series of scoping meetings, they were totally left out! No arrogance intended at all. There are three scoping meeting slated for this area, Coupeville High School Commons area Tuesday October 28, 4:00-8:00. Oak Harbor, Wednesday October 29, Oak Harbor Elks Lodge, Anacortes Thursday October 30 at the High School.
      Please join us and attend the meeting of your choice. Make your voice heard.

  2. chris chennault

    Residents of Camano Island are seriously impacted by the Navy Noise; we’re just east of Coupeville, for those who don’t know geography. We are directly in the flight path of much of the activity, particularly squadron relocations late at night that last for hours and make it impossible to sleep.

  3. Larry Eifert

    Everyone seems focused on the “local noise”, but what about the countless flights over Olympic National Park? No one seems to care that these planes are polluting a National Heritage Site, one of America’s greatest places, what used to be one of the best human noise-free sites left. We hike these wilderness trails and are now ALWAYS greeted with LOW-flying planes going along the ridgelines flying like they’re spying on us. They’re ‘saving America’ only to have these kids fly circles over Olympic? They’re destroying our heritage in the process. Stop flights over Olympic NP NOW.

  4. citizensofthereserve

    They own the airspace over the Olympics? My god! this must be stopped!

  5. Liz

    Dear Larry,

    I am sorry that there is more bad news on the way:

    It is just plain weird that it is necessary (?) to destroy the Pacific Northwest in order to “save” the rest of the country.

  6. W

    They’ve been flying pretty regularly over Sequim for the past couple of months. Sounds like the citizens here should be invited to take part in the process as well. LaConner should also be included. It gets pretty loud over there.

  7. Liz

    Watch all the videos…there is a severe disconnect…this must be fixed. Congress must step in and stop the damage!

  8. Beth Lorber

    I live in Port Townsend. The growler noise is very disturbing to me. Especially at night when I am trying to sleep. I always think for what it would be like to live in a war zone. Not a comforting thought.
    This summer I was in Winthrop in late August and at Klaloch, on the coast in Sept. Growlers disrupted my peaceful vacation in both places.
    let’s work towards PEACE in the world rather than practicing for war.

  9. liz

    Does this make all the people living in the war zone that the navy has created in Washington the “bad” ones? The navy should practice in areas that they have already desolated such as China Lake and the desert near Fallon. There is clear evidence that shows that the actions of the navy ARE harming people. Many, many studies have been done to show the health problems caused by the very activities that the navy is doing. We are being harmed by our own military. Denial just isn’t working.

  10. John

    By practicing for war, one is sure to eventually engage in war, necessary or not. How many of the wars since WWII have been declared by congress? Zero! How many of those wars have been truly necessary? Debatable, but the expense of blood and treasure does not seem to solving any of our problems. Indeed, one of the side affects has been to create new problems, one being the Navy’s Growler assault on the citizens of Whidbey Island.

  11. Harrison Davignon

    Please stop ruining our natural areas. I went to deception pass yesterday and it was amazing, but the plane noise kind of ruined it.Also i’m concerned about fly overs of Olympic national park, for wild life and people alike. We go to these areas to get away from noise,the city and enjoy the piece and quite of nature and not having to wear earmuffs to prevent hearing damage, in a wilderness area! Please figure out a way to keep natural areas quite, but still run your operation. I appreciate all the good you guys have done over the years ans hope we can create a win, win situation for the navy and nature lovers and I do not want people who enjoy being part of the military to have to drop out or not be able to join and fallow there passion and nature lovers and wild life loosing out.

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