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  1. Babette Thompson

    Just wait until the new EIS comment period is over!

  2. Aviation Photographer Named Joe

    Hey Babette, oh joy, EA-18Gs w/ afterburners for Christmas!! If you choose to live there and you don’t love airplanes, well then ask Santa for a new home. Frankly you sound just like a Santa Clara 49ers fan moving next to CenturyLink Field.

    In case you didn’t notice by now: EA-18Gs are awesome. EA-18Gs are loud. EA-18Gs should overfly every single Seahawks home game in full afterburner. EA-18Gs should give rides to OLFers – OLF Coupeville’s “12th Man”.

    Also hope Santa burns your coal like this:

    I’ll be there ;-). #OLFme

  3. June Radcliff

    I’ve seen your comments like this several times now and I’ve got to speak up. There may be nothing more mean-spirited than suggesting someone should leave their home. Lots of these people have already had to leave to save the health and sanity of their family. You must know the value of a home – the dreams it represents, the effort working and saving for years, the time it takes to move and make it a personal place, the care required to customize it for a family, the challenge on occasion to make the monthly payments, the equity that is counted on to be there to take care of expenses in later life. There must be a better way to get what you want than taunting people who are losing their most important possession. Especially since the meanness won’t accomplish anything, really. Frankly, you sound just like . . .

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