An open letter to Rick Larsen written by Jim Nollman


harming both friend and foe with 134.2 dBA of toxic noise, the EA18G Growler flies over the Salish Sea

harming both friend and foe with 134.2 dBA of toxic noise, the EA18G Growler flies over the Salish Sea

Jim Nollman
Today at 10:32am
Here’s my recent letter to Rick Larsen:: I have read your message to citizens impacted by Growler noise. I am a local. I also worked for several years as a Navy contractor, focused on altering active sonar so it no longer kills whales. The Growler issue is actually quite similar, except the victims here are your constituents rather than beaked whales. In both cases, an unhealthy noise problem is caused by the development of a military technology that is sometimes referred to as “out-of-scale with nature”. Also, in both cases, the Navy is treating those directly affected as collateral damage. I know this treatment directly and intimately, because I had to confront this Navy policy several times during my acoustic tenure. The efforts you describe in your email to mitigate the problem, do your constituents a grave dishonor. Everything you mention as a solution, offers all of us affected by Growler noise, nothing to solve the true noise issue. The Navy has honed this kind of obfuscation to a fine art, and you seem content to do the same. What your email actually tells us is that you have given their obfuscation, some new clothes to make it now read as your own personal effort to alter the status quo. But nowhere does your email actually tell us anything that will stop the noise. Although i do not think you intend to sound devious, your words make it quite clear that you are not willing to confront the Navy growler program’s pre-supposition of local collateral damage.

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  1. Harrison Davignon

    All I was trying to do is help everyone. Were else could we move the military base? If we move it the Olympic peninsula we will affect our national parks. If you feel that strong, I know of one idea. The commercial jets have legally required mufflers on there jet engines and military should do the same, imagine a 747 with out a muffler!!! But here is one thing, what if the military was gone and we were attacked by terrorists or a war started, then what? I’m on your side tough, visiting deception pass it was so loud, I had to were ear muffs waiting for the bus just outside the park. What should happen for sure in the military should have the same noise regulations as passenger airports do. What do think we should do.
    At the very least Noise noise regulations would really help.

    1. citizensofthereserve

      We do not advocate not having the Growlers as one of the jets we need to defend our country. We are just against where these are posted. They belong in an area where there is not the collateral damage to civilians. Send them to the desert.

    2. citizensofthereserve

      Thank you for your concern. COER does not advocate closing the base, just moving the Growlers to a better place, one where the noise caused by the EA-18G Growler does not create the collateral damage to civilian population as is happening now.
      Our country must have a military, no argument there. Where they are is the contention

  2. Harrison Davignon

    Would mufflers on jets help. If we send them to eastern Washington, wouldn’t there response to an emergency be to slow?

  3. Harrison Davignon

    Ps I live in burien Seattle area, i’m just trying to help people there and make the park a better place for all.

  4. Linda Sutton

    Jim Nollman — we’d appreciate your posts to the Protect Olympic Peninsula Facebook page.//LS

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