Petition: Don’t Turn the Olympic Peninsula Into a War Zone


The Olympic National Park and National Forest, on the Western edge of Washington state are home to ancient temperate rain forests, snow-capped mountains, beautiful meadows, and a number of endangered and threatened species. Unfortunately, if the Navy gets their way, these wilderness areas will be assaulted by 36 of the world’s loudest jets, flying thousands of training exercises, hundreds of days a year, as low as 1,200 feet above the ground.

In addition, the Navy will be using these war games to test electromagnetic weaponry, which has some experts raising significant concerns about potential health impacts to birds, amphibians, and humans, as well.

Sign the petition and tell the Forest Service: Don’t turn the Olympic Peninsula into a War Zone – Block the Navy’s Plans

For more information, read the Truthout exposé here.


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  1. Trouble T

    Context? Proof? Not requirements, I suppose, for your organization. The bottom of the Olympic MOA airspace is 6000′. As in no lower than. You’re purposely misleading people to sign your petition. Do you realize that? I know you hate the Navy, but come on…

    1. citizensofthereserve

      6,000 feet above sea level at the area they will be flying is 1,200 feet above GROUND LEVEL. The places they want to fly over are in the mountains, not at sea level. This is the figure quoted by the navy. Their words, not ours.
      Don’t hate the navy, just where they want to practice.

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