Editorial from the Victoria News, they do not like the US navy Growlers


EDITORIAL: U.S. Navy and Capital Regional District must work together

posted Jan 30, 2015 at 9:00 AM
The unpredictable rumbling of U.S. Navy anti-radar jets over Greater Victoria is leading to frustration amongst neighbours at Ten Mile Point and elsewhere in the region.

The vibrating air traffic comes from an increase in Boeing EA-18G Growlers, and it’s only going to get worse as those jets bump up to 114 by the end of 2015 at Whidbey Island’s naval air base.

An opportunity to submit public input about the noise and other environmental impacts closed Jan. 3, and though it was open to residents on this side of the Juan de Fuca, there was little in the way of notification from our local and regional governments.

The environmental impact report will potentially be used to alter flight paths of the Growlers, so it was important for Greater Victoria residents to have had a say in the matter.

Now, most will have to wait and see what transipires over the coming year and hope the U.S. Navy respects their Northern neighbours as much as they do their own citizens when it comes to disruption.

When the U.S. Navy garners its next round of public input, the Capital Regional District should reach out directly and make sure affected residents know who to call and where to submit their concerns well in advance of the closing date.

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  1. Harrison Davignon

    The jets are so wide spread now, they are flying over Burien 10 miles south of Seattle were I live. Can’t they st lest fly higher over head and have similar noise restrictions as the commercial airports do?

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