Navy Steamroller Has a Hiccup




DNR vs the Navy – DNR wins! Read the transcript below, or find the PDF of the original letter HERE.


February 27, 2015

Rear Admiral Jeffrey Ruth
Commander, Navy Region Northwest
1100 Hunley Road Silverdale, WA 98315

Dear Admiral Ruth,

The Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) considers the United States Navy one of its most important and collaborative partners. Our excellent working relationship has resulted in historic projects like the Hood Canal Easement of 2014, the largest aquatic conservation easement in state history, and a series of vital upland conservation projects through the Department of Defense’s Readiness and Environmental Protection Integration (REPI) program.

It is because of our excellent working relationship across a broad array of priority issues that we feel it is important to inform the Navy of one project we would prefer not to partner on at this time.

DNR land has been publicly discussed as a location for the Navy’s proposed electromagnetic warfare training on the Olympic Peninsula. Though we have not received a formal land use or lease application for this project, we feel that we are adequately informed to decide that we would not be interested in participating in this training exercise.
We appreciate your understanding of our decision not to move forward with this project.


Peter Goldmark

Washington State Commissioner of Public Lands
Department of Natural Resources
1111 Washington ST SE MS 47001
Olympia, Washington 98504-7001 (360) 902-1000

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  1. Jan Pickard

    Thankyou DNR! Very grateful, and reassuring that you are representing the welfare of our natural environment. Brings hope that not everything is working against citizens and preservation of forests, and all the life that live there.

  2. Aviation Photographer Named Joe

    Thank you Jan, I think since Ebey’s NHR includes OLF Coupeville & Fort Ebey we should park one of these emitters at Ebey’s NHR. You know, during an OLF Day :-). You’re on the Ebey’s Board, you should love OLF more.

    Also park other emitters in Oak Harbor, Sedro-Woolley, Mukilteo, Seattle and such. If they’re so harmless, what’s the harm in training in urban environments too?

  3. Steve

    Joe, OLF is not in the reserve. Please get your facts straight before you bloviate.

  4. Aviation Photographer Named Joe

    OLF is part of the Ebey’s NHR. For instance, , “The Navy’s Outlying Field (OLF) on Smith Prairie lies near Highway 20 at the southeastern entrance to the reserve. It includes a practice landing area the size and shape of an aircraft carrier deck. During the comprehensive planning stage of 1978-1980, Reed Jarvis and the citizen’s advisory committee identified Smith Prairie as an important entrance point to the reserve.”

    Also senior NAS Whidbey Island officials concur.

    Furthermore, it would be very difficult for DAHP & the Ebey’s NHR to influence OLF in any way otherwise. Can’t have it both ways Steve, so figure it out. At Ebey’s NHR’s own risk….

    Cheers mate.

  5. Harrison Davignon

    That is good news

  6. Steve

    Joe, once again OLF is not part of the reserve. It is indeed at the southern entrance but not in it. Nice try at obfuscation.

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