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  1. Babette Thompson

    If they do not fly today due to bad weather, doesn’t that just mean they will fly longer hours tomorrow? Or are they generally sticking to their announced schedule? Does anyone know?

    I am asking this question because I try to schedule my activities, especially outdoor activities like gardening, around the announced OLF schedule.

    1. citizensofthereserve

      I think something else is going on. They were still flying at Ault Field! Hmmmmmmmm could it be the Rick Larsen visit Tuesday, and the navy doesn’t want a bunch of upset Coupeville folks at 6:30 at the Rec Hall? They will deny this, of course HOGWASH!

  2. Lin DeMartini

    Please stop this absolutely unnecessary torture of the marine and land life of the San Juan Islands. This is causing extreme mental stress for the residents and driving tourism away. I have been a frequent visitor to the San Juan Island but plan to stay away until this activity stops!

  3. billy njilly

    never trust anything they say, as they lie a lot.
    it is their way.
    they don’t like my Prius, either. if you don’t
    believe me, just read the Truthout article…

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