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Yet another family leaves this area due to jet noise. Will the last person to leave Coupeville please turn…


Submitted on 2015/03/28 at 2:32 pm
“My wife and I are currently traveling to try to find a place to move due to jet noise at OLF. I must admit it is hard to find a nicer place to live than Whidbey, but the navy has left us with no choice. When we talk to people in our travels and mention why we are looking for a new home, to a person they express disbelief that the navy is allowed to conduct operations over people’s homes. We have also seen endless tracts of badlands that the navy could practice in and affect no one. What is wrong with our politicians and all the pro navy people that they deny the obvious? As usual it’s all about money. Maybe they should pay for moving costs!”


the above is from a blog comment

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