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Just asking for the navy to be a good neighbor…….. Will they?


The following email was sent today to the NASWI Base Commander, Michael Nortier, requesting notification of flight schedule cancellations for the Coupeville OLF. It may take more than one request to get this done. If you want to add to the strength of the request, you can ask, too. Send your email to Captain Nortier at:

Dear Captain Nortier:

It would seem to be a very simple procedure to post cancellations at the Coupeville OLF online, as they occur. Once a system is in place, routine notification would require no more than a few minutes. This would free up the schedules of hundreds of people who live under the flight paths from the restrictions of the cyclical roar, improving the quality of their lives considerably.

Several requests have been made, but still, no published notice.

The Navy should be a good neighbor, taking every opportunity to ease the burden of civilians who have become collateral damage in a mission that does not include their protection.

Would you respond to let me know if this small change can be made? In general, we should know what you know, when you know it. We all need to get on with our day.

This request does not require a lengthy EIS process to make an accommodation. Please provide this community with a temporary measure of relief while the EIS process and court cases proceed. This small adjustment could be critical – literally.

Thank you,

Michael Monson
COER President

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