When Your Home Isn’t Safe Anymore…

When your Front Porch or your child’s bedroom isn’t safe, something is seriously wrong.

This is just one family’s story and, unfortunately, there are many more. The extreme noise and intensity of the Navy’s Growlers are a public health crisis. This is not about the “Sound of Freedom” or National Security. It is whether a branch of our government is allowed to destroy the quality of life and the health of its citizens.

The unprecedented Navy expansion in Puget Sound is having consequences that we cannot tolerate.

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  1. Aviation Photographer Named Joe

    Not to be callous or cruel but anybody want to discuss eminent domain? A new OLF would require a second EIS, and years of mitigation & construction before OLF Coupeville could be closed. Eminent domain would be one and done.
    I would strongly encourage COER members to consider the options before you and make the fact-based correct decision or decisions rather than continue down the emotional path that has got you… nothing but grief and more jet noise.

    1. citizensofthereserve

      When the Coupeville OLF was not used a while ago, that argument was laid to rest. The navy got along just fine without it. No need to build another OLF, just shut the Coupeville OLF. Move the Growlers elsewhere. No big deal, it has been done already. No money spent at all. No need to spend any.

  2. Courtney

    As a person who never knew about the Navy jets before I moved to Camano Island, I was shocked one day when it sounded like a 747 flying into my home. However I now realize what I experience on a day to day basis is nothing compared to what people in Whidbey are harassed with each day. Thank you for making this video to show how close and how loud it really is for the citizens. My heart goes out to the family. Please make more videos of others and their daily experience. It really helped me understand how sad this situation really is for everyone involved. This type of training belongs in a desert, not above private citizens on a beautiful island.

  3. Linle White

    I too live right under the flight path of the Growlers and I was beyond shocked at the level of noise these planes make. People talk disclosures but honestly there are no amount of descriptions that can accurately describe the level of noise or fear you experience when one of these planes come less than 200 or so feet over your roof. If I had to accurately describe it, it would be picture yourself in a city in the Middle East where a plane is coming at you and you are about to be bombed…that pretty much sums it up!

  4. […] ### Copies of the Motion for Preliminary Injunction and supporting declarations are available upon request and can be viewed on COER’s home page HERE . An eight-minute interview with a family impacted by the Growler operations can be viewed at: https://player

    or on our Blog HERE. […]

  5. Webbed

    When you moved to the area, didn’t you sign a document stating you were aware of loud noise of aircraft? I lived in Oak Harbor right in the flight path and I lived on a carrier underneath the flight deck – I think you folks are complaining about something you had control over when you moved to Whidbey Island / Oak Harbor.

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