Jets ALL WEEK LONG, Feb. 8-12

All Week Long

Flights are scheduled ALL WEEK LONG…

  • On Monday, February 8, FCLPs at OLF Coupeville are scheduled from late afternoon into the night.
  • On Tuesday and…
  • Wednesday, February 9 and 10, FCLPs are scheduled from late evening into the night.
  • On Thursday, February 11, FCLPs are scheduled in the afternoon…
  • and on Friday, February 12, FCLPs are scheduled from mid-morning into early afternoon.

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  1. Joe

    Well you lucky dogs… you get a “free” airshow. You are so spoiled.
    Say, listen if you want to sell your home list your house with a picture of the view of EA-18Gs in Air International magazine. Trust me, you’ll get offers.

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