Navy Secretly Training on Washington Roads

Navy Training Secretly on Washington Roads

Road in Olympic Peninsula – by Sam Beebe – edited for size

You know that electromagnetic training that people are concerned about the Navy using without permission on public Washington land?

It seems they’ve been doing it already.

Dahr Jamail at Truthout has been reporting and investigating the issue of the Navy’s overreach in land acquisition, training, and interactions with the public. In this new article, he states:

“Without public notification of any kind, the US Navy has secretly been conducting electromagnetic warfare testing and training on public roads in western Washington State for more than five years.

An email thread between the Navy and the US Forest Service between 2010 and 2012, recently obtained via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request filed by Oregon-based author and activist Carol Van Strum in November 2014, revealed that the Navy has likely been driving mobile electromagnetic warfare emitters and conducting electromagnetic warfare training in the Olympic National Forest and on public roads on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula since 2010.”

The article goes on to give examples of evidence for the activities, the paper trails, the lies concerning the evidence, and the fact that it’s not just the public being kept in the dark but other government agencies:

“Apparently, it was not only the general public that was unaware the Navy had already been conducting electromagnetic warfare on state roads; officials within the state government were also kept in the dark.

In March 2015, Sullivan contacted the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) asking for any records indicating that the Navy had applied for a permit to conduct electromagnetic warfare on public roads. WSDOT responded immediately, and a phone conversation between Sullivan and WSDOT’s Joni Higgins revealed that WSDOT was shocked that such activity might have been happening on public roads.

Higgins confirmed that no such permit category even existed.

Another WSDOT employee, speaking on condition of anonymity, verified for Truthout that WSDOT had not been consulted or notified by the Navy regarding any electromagnetic warfare training involving roads or highways in the state.”

Read the full article here:


  1. Patriot Pat

    Wow you guys are really reaching aren’t you! You pull any muscles?? The EM that is being transmitted is only picked up and processed by the aircraft for training on identifying and locating signals, they aren’t even trying to jam it. The strength of the single is very weak, you stand a greater risk of being harmed by your cell phone or standing next to your microwave. Why cant you retired people get a real hobby like fishing, shuffle board or knitting, instead of lying.

  2. Mike

    What a load of BS. If it was secret then a FOIA request won’t get you anything. Quit lying and you might try using a source that doesn’t claim that the symptoms of high EM exposure from standing 6 inches from a radar antenna are the same as a jammer from a mile away. Remember kids, conspiracy theorists are generally regarded as crack pots like Giorgio Tsoukalos 😀

  3. Sally McKinney

    I am forwarding this to Homeland Security! You evidently have access to information that is not for the public. Now either this is all lies, or you are all spies, and are subject to scrutiny. This base is not going to close to suit a group of whiny people. MOVE!

  4. Peter Kanizt

    Your entire premise is completely and factually incorrect and can be seen in your statement…”the Navy has likely been driving mobile electromagnetic warfare emitters and conducting electromagnetic warfare training in the Olympic National Forest and on public roads on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula since 2010″

    I’ve worked in the electro-magnetic spectrum for two decades and have great knowledge of such training assets. These assets are typically towed or loaded onto a truck and set up in an established Military Operating Area. These areas are designated by the US gov’t and DoD and have been in existence for nearly half a century. The threat and potential for electro-magnetic radiation to cause ill effects on wildlife or people is absolutely zero. There’s is literally no harmful effects to be felt by such systems, as used on the ground and in the air, unless a person is within about a 75 foot radius of the system, in direct line of the transmitters. You are subjected to more electro-magnetic energy from your wireless routers, cell phones, radio towers, and microwaves. Additionally, no permit is required to transport such systems as they are inactive and unable to transmit in any way while being moved and are simply loaded onto a properly licensed truck. Finally, there is absolutely no electro-magnetic training focused on roadways in any way. Roads present no useful training, have nothing to do with the electro-magnetic spectrum and are never part of any electronic warfare training. They are roads. That’s why there’s never been reports of such activity. It doesn’t happen.

    Your posts are dangerously ill-informed and go counter to all logic and decency. I expect people will attempt to counter with attacks on me and the government/navy. Feel free. What I’ve told you is absolutely correct and factual. Any person with intellectual honesty will do their own research and learn the truth of which I speak. Finally, your attempts to vilify the Navy is, quite simply, a waste of time. There are bigger, and more vital issues facing this area and this nation. Your efforts are shameful.

  5. Peter Kanizt

    I doubt you have the decency to even allow my post actually. Regardless, my congressional representative will be made aware of your dishonesty

  6. Matthew Turner

    What does electronic warfare entail exactly?

  7. R.T.

    Sally McKinney, you are are living a fantasy world. It’s very clear that COER didn’t get this information themselves, or through some nefarious channel. It’s from another website. Hence the link provided. If you want to act like a maniac, get into with Truthout.

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