Notice: We No Longer Have a Hotline

COER removing hotline

Unfortunately the time has come to shut down our hotline to call in reports of navy jet noise.

We hope it has been a valued asset for as long as we could maintain it, but we need to gather up all the money we can for our rebuttal to the EIS. For now, we need to throw everything toward that goal.

We are in no way ending our efforts to remove the Growlers from Central Whidbey!


Thank you all for your support, and we will keep working hard for the rights of the citizens of Whidbey Island.



  1. Joe "AvgeekJoe" Kunzler

    So even though you litigated for an EIS, you’ve already decided to sue before the Draft comes out?
    Is this even anywhere near fair for the taxpayer$? Or the thousands who signed a petition supporting OLF **AND** an EIS?

  2. Chuck

    Just a thought but why dont they fly to Moses Lake airfield in the morning and practice there then fly home when finished for the day?

  3. Joe "AvgeekJoe" Kunzler


    Because Moses Lake would be a new OLF that would require a 2nd EIS, aviation easements, potential eminent domain and litigation. Also create two COERs to appease the first. NO WAY.

  4. Chelsea

    Perhaps it should be noted that the rights for the COUNTRY are fought for EVERY HOUR of EVERY DAY by your military. Yet it is still rare to receive any form of support from the civilians. But thank you anyways for letting us know we are appreciated. Regardless, we will continue to perform our duties professionally and with fair treatment to all.

  5. Joe "AvgeekJoe" Kunzler

    Chelsea, thank you for standing the watch and providing the sound of security so we can have the sound of freedom called debate. Come Home To Us.

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