Public Official Jill Johnson tries to silence citizens

They tried moving noise victims to the ‘back of the bus’

Now they want to throw us off.

Pro-Growler Board of Health public officials Jill Johnson and Richard Hannold tried to prevent the Health Board’s consideration of Growler related health problems. Both took the absurd position that Growler noise was not a health issue. Their motion to the Board on July 19 failed to pass, but it will likely be re-introduced at the next Health Board meeting on August 16th.

The outrageous move to end Board of Health consideration of Growler health harms follows earlier efforts to prevent noise victims from making public comments at the beginning of Board meetings – which is the normal public comment period. At the Board meeting of July 19, Pro-Growler Board members limited public comments at the beginning of the meeting, to items on the Board’s agenda. Since Growler noise is never on the agenda, noise victims had to wait until the end of the Board meetings to comment. This creates a hardship for people who have to get back to work and families.

COER believes the actions of Jill Johnson and Richard Hannold are blatant attempts to limit public participation and undermine the democratic process. The next Board of Health Meeting is August 16thMark your calendars!



Representatives of COER recently met Commissioner Helen Price Johnson and County Health Officer, Dr. Brad Thomas. We asked both to support COER’s proposals to have warning signs posted in areas where people are most at risk from toxic Growler noise. We also asked them to publicly acknowledge the harms caused by Growler noise. This summarizes their response:

Commissioner, Helen Price Johnson:  Recognizes that Growler noise is a problem and she is still seeking a solution. However, she won’t acknowledge that the noise is causing health harms. She won’t say that the OLF should be closed and she won’t say that Growlers should stop flying low over people’s homes. She is not prepared to support COER’s request for postings in high noise areas.

County Health Officer, Dr. Brad Thomas:  In a previous meeting with citizens, he agreed that Growler noise was potentially harmful and the posting of warnings signs in high noise areas was a good idea. However, in our meeting with Helen Price Johnson, he said public warnings were not needed because people wouldn’t pay attention to them. When he made his regular report to the Board of Health, he made no mention of Growler noise issues. Those who have talked with him believe he has reversed his position and is avoiding the Growler noise issue for fear that his contract will not be renewed.



Island County Health Officer, Brad Thomas: The ‘people’s doctor.’  He has the legal duty and authority to protect the public’s health.  TELL HIM TO DO HIS JOB!

Helen-Price Johnson and Grethe Cammermeyer: Both opposed the motion to prevent future Board of Health consideration of Growler related health harms.  Both also opposed the efforts to move public comments by noise victims to the back of the Board meetings.  CONSIDER THANKING THEM.

Neither has publicly supported COER’s requests for the posting of warnings signs. Neither have they publicly opposed harmful Growler operations. ENCOURAGE THEM TO SHOW LEADERSHIP AND DO SO – AND TO PUT THE GROWLER HEALTH HARM ISSUE ON THE NEXT BOARD AGENDA.


  1. jay johnson

    I stand with COER to put the growler health harm issue on the agenda for the next meeting. Living in Port Townsend, we experience the noise when they are using the field for touch and go’s. It’s alarming! I can’t imagine what the citizens of Whidbey experience. You have to experience it to believe it. Why don’t they?

  2. Joe "AvgeekJoe" Kunzler

    Maybe we OLFers should put up pictures of some of you COERs and see how you like it…
    Jill is going to win reelection. Helen, maybe not. Up to you COER you Bernie bots.

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